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Hi, guys today we will talk about Xender free app. Which is a competitor for Shareit app. Xender is an app which lets you share any type of file in any places at any time and without mobile data usage. It is a popular file sharing app which doesn’t reduce the quality if file and is 200 times faster than the Bluetooth transfer speed. It is available on multiple platform like android, iOS, Windows, PC-Mac.

Some other benefit of this app is that you do not require any USB connection and PC software installation to run this app. It has a feature to play all music and videos within it. Transfer files over the WI-FI which has high speed up to 10 M/S and can share all kinds of file whether the files are documents, music, picture, videos and apps. It is beneficial beacuase it require no network connection, and is free of data connection and internet.

The other features of this app are that it can send large file without limitation and unable the users to view, move or delete files you received and even to make a back up copy whenever you need to clean the phone storage.

Xender App Free Download

Xender App Information

Android Required 2.3 and above
Version 3.3.1219
Download 50,000,000+Downloads
Updated On Dec 19, 2016
Developer Xender Technologies

How To Download Xender From Google Play Store?

This app is absolutely free available on play store. You can also download Xender using your PC.

Why Xender?

  • Because of the friendly design which helps the users with function of transferring files like opening, installing, un-installing, deleting, viewing etc.
  • Users can easily share photos to friends by sliding and there are many supported languages installed in it like English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Greece, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, German, Polish, French.
  • Xender is an ads free app.

Highlighted Features Of Xender

  • Transfer files with flash speed
  • Share all kinds of files without restrictions
  • Free of network connection
  • Send large files without limitation
  • Supports cross platform transferring
  • Smart phone replication
  • Friendly design
  • Slide pictures to share
  • Supported different languages

Which Files Are Supported For Transferring?

Alike other file sharing app, it also support any type of file.Turn on your Xender and it will automatically detect other device in connectivity range via Wi-fi or with hotspot and then files can be transferred to other accounts as well like Gmail etc. Some of the files which are generally can be transfer is

  • Doc files: Word, PPT, Excel, WPS, etc.
  • Images and Videos of every format
  • Music files of any format
  • Installed apps: apk
  • Ebooks: .umd, .ebk, .txt, .chm, etc.
  • Archives: .7z, .rar, .zip, .iso, etc.
  • Backup and more

Is Internet Connection Needed For Sharing?

No, you don’t need any kind of internet connection while transferring multiple files. No cables needed, no internet to search it, no data usage to transferring large files! You can transfer files of any type, anywhere and anytime.

What Is Cross Platform Transferring?

Xender supports cross platform transferring which means it can be used to connect phones and tablets, PC and MAC  to share any files from Android, iOS and Windows operation systems.

How Can I Send Files?

About transferring procedure and connectivity i am going to show you the procedure to with screenshots of whole process which will be helpful for you to use Xender app in your phone.

  1. First of all, download the application on both ends and run it. You can directly select the file you want to share or you can click on ‘send’ button to connect on the network first. Similarly select ‘Receive’ from the other advice, you want to share data with.
  2. Select the applications or any file you want to share. In this section I am sharing a pre-installed app in my phone. You can select anything you want. You can even browse to phone memory as well as microSD card.
  3. After establishment of a secure connection, sending process will start automatically. You can trace the total size of data share and transfer time too.
  4. Now you can select whatever you want to share. I have already mentioned you the type of files and the formats of particulars you can share.
  5. Now, repeat the same procedure if you want to share more and again.

What Problems I may Face while Using this App?

We have been talking about the benefits of Xender apk but there are some cons of this app too. These drawbacks don’t effect the performance of this app but they can be the cause of users’ irritations.

Connectivity Problem

You might face this problem while using this app. Sometimes you require more than one chance to share your data. It takes time to establish a connection. It is very secure but time taking too. If you want to share data from your iPhone to any android device, you have to go through many procedures. Again it takes time.

How to Receive Files?

  1. Just click on ‘Receive’ on your phone and ask the other end to send files.
  2. Once you are connected on the secure network, you don’t have to do much. Just wait and see the files receiving in your device.

What if Friends don’t have Xender?

  1. If you have downloaded Xender in your phone from Google Play Store and your friend do not have the same in his/her phone. Don’t worry about that, I will tell you how you can share Xender. Just follow the simple steps.
  2.  First of all, run the app in your phone, in the right upper corner you will see ‘Invite’, click on that. You will be redirected to the next page.
  3. Again you will see two options, ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Hotspot’. You can share it either by Bluetooth or by hotspot. We all know how to transfer files using Bluetooth. Make sure that you have Android version 4.4.2 (Kitkat) or above to share this application via Bluetooth sharing. Lets talk about the second option.
  4. Click on “Hotspot’, on the next window you will see use of hotspot step wise. Now open stock browser on the other end and type IP Address You will be redirected to the page where you can download this app. (No internet connection is required)
  5. You can also get Xender by just scanning QR code.

Okay guys, this is all for now. If you face any difficulty connecting this application, just let me know. I will update this section for your convenience. Again if there is any suggestion for me or if you want me to elaborate this article, you can comment in the comment section below.

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