Whatsapp New Features | Whatsapp Update Status Stories

As you know Whatsapp update’s its core system quite frequently in a month. But this time Whatsapp has started rolling out a brand new status stories feature. If you are not sure what is that then keep reading this post. Whatsapp New Features.

Whatsapp has released its beta version which has stories feature in it. It is same as Snapchat stories but obviously with different look and fresh added functions. These stories is a feed, which is combined with all status of your Whatsapp contact number. Not only this, you can get more features which is listed below.Whatsapp New Features

As you know that earlier, Facebook had acquire whatsapp with almost $19.1 billion and that is why from past 2 years whatsapp have gone through many changes. Changes such as voice calling, video calling, privacy setting, added emoji and all. In addition these new updates will blow your mind.

Top Features on New Whatsapp Update

  • Edit Sent Messages (windows phone only)
  • Get Live Location Updates ( android phone)
  • See Your Friends Live Status Stories (android phone)

Now you have the power to edit the sent message. This feature originally integrated by Blackberry on its popular BBM messenger. Using this feature, you can actually edit or destroy your sent message before your friend sees it. In addition, last seen feature was also first adopt by Snapchat messenger. Whatsapp New Features.

Similarly, Location update and live story feed is same as your Facebook wall. You can see what other are posting and eventually you can react on it. However, I am not sure about the reaction but soon this feature will be implemented for sure. You can attach your .gif, .jpg images, voices and videos on your status update. Keep in mind that all your updates can be seen by all, only if you allow it from your privacy settings.

Coming to the most noteworthy point is that your post will be auto-deleted (self destructed) after 24 hour.

Same Functions Are Already Seen On

  • Snapchat (still exists)
  • Instagram (function no longer exists)

Is This Update Available for Android Device?

Finally, Yes for all because android users are a massive audience especially in India. That is why they have started rolling out this update initially from France and Netherlands to India.

So, android users, no more wait for now. I have uploaded the upcoming whatsapp version directly, you can read about it on below steps. And also please wait for few more days. Make sure you subscribe to our push notifications so that i can directly send you the update notification.

  1. Firstly, download whatsapp apk from this link (currently no feature is available)
  2. Install the apk and it will ask you to “allow unknown source app install” so just click yes
  3. Finally, update the app and you can finally enjoy the latest features.

How To Download Whatsapp Latest Version?

In order to proceed, you must have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 device with you. However Windows PC/Desktop user are not eligible but Windows Phone users. Most of all, keep in mind that this is a beta release version and may contain few bugs or you can feel abnormal behavior of app. Whatsapp New Features.

  1. First of all, uninstall older version of Whatsapp on your phone or simply update new version.
  2. Therefor, download whatsapp xap from here (use your windows phone for this link)
  3. Let the app install and register with your phone number on the app
  4. Finally, enjoy the status feature on the app.

So, the journey from a “simple text” Whatsapp messenger to “send everything” messenger is growing incredibly fast. We have witnessed a lot of changes on the app, some are really not required but other are very reliable in usage. So let me know what you think about this update via comment section and we will discuss about it in bit detail.

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