Vodafone 4G Plans, Tariff: Free Internet Offers 9GB For 3 Months

Hello, Lets talk about Vodafone 4G plans and how we can avail them by step by step procedure. Vodafone India is the 2nd largest telecom network provider in our country. That’s why have bring a special offers for their millions of customers.

Forget about all Vodafone 4G free internet tricks. Here is a official way to grab benefits. Vodafone has recently announced their new 4G tariff plan which will give 9GB data benefits to all their users.

vodafone 4g free internet

Telecom market segment is now collapsed with the entrance of Reliance Jio. That is why every single telecom brand is now giving extra promotional offers to their users. At the end, Consumers are getting all the benefits for sure.

Lets talk about pricing of this 4G plan, Well this internet plan is free for all. But it has some catch. I will discuss it with you in a bit detail below.

Vodafone 4G Plans

Offer NameMRP/ValidityInternet Data
VODARC11Rs.11 / 1 day45MB 4G/3G
VODARC27Rs.27 / 3 days100MB 4G/3G
VODARC65Rs.65 / 7 days260MB 4G/3G
VODARC95Rs.95 / 10 days380MB 4G/3G
VODARC96Rs.96 / 2 days1GB 4G/3G
VODARC128Rs.128 / 14 days500MB 4G/3G
VODARC189Rs.189 / 28 days400MB 3G/4G
VODARC255Rs.255 / 28 days1GB 4G/3G
VODARC297Rs.297 / 28 days1.2GB 4G/3G
VODARC299Rs.299 / 28 days1GB + 1GBN 4G/3G
VODARC347Rs.347 / 28 days1GB + 2GBN 4G/3G
VODARC359Rs.359 / 28 days2GB 4G/3G
VODARC397Rs.397 / 28 days1GB + 3GBN 4G/3G
VODARC447Rs.447 / 28 days2GB + 2GBN 4G/3G
VODARC455Rs.455 / 28 days2GB 4G/3G
VODARC459Rs.459 / 28 days3GB 4G/3G
VODARC497Rs.497 / 28 days2.25GB 4G/3G
VODARC549Rs.549 / 28 days2GB + 2GBN 4G/3G
VODARC559Rs.559 / 28 days4GB 4G/3G
VODARC597Rs.597 / 28 days3GB + 3GBN 4G/3G
VODARC655Rs.655 / 28 days3GB 4G/3G
VODARC659Rs.659 / 28 days5GB 4G/3G
VODARC697Rs.697 / 28 days3.5GB 4G/3G
VODARC747Rs.747 / 28 days4GB + 4GBN 4G/3G
VODARC799Rs.799 / 28 days3GB + 3GBN 4G/3G
VODARC855Rs.855 / 28 days5GB 4G/3G
VODARC859Rs.859 / 28 days7GB 4G/3G
VODARC897Rs.897 / 28 days5GB + 5GBN 4G/3G
VODARC949Rs.949 / 28 days4GB 4G/3G
VODARC955Rs.955 / 28 days6GB 4G/3G
VODARC999Rs.999 / 28 days10GB 4G/3G
VODARC1097Rs.1097 / 28 days7.5GB 4G/3G
VODARC1099Rs.1099 / 28 days5GB 4G/3G
VODARC1197Rs.1197 / 28 days7GB + 7GBN 4G/3G
VODARC1199Rs.1199 / 28 days12GB 4G/3G
VODARC1249Rs.1249 / 28 days6GB 4G/3G
VODARC1255Rs.1255 / 28 days9GB 4G/3G
VODARC1497Rs.1497 / 28 days10GB + 10GBN 4G/3G
VODARC1499Rs.1499 / 28 days15GB 4G/3G
VODARC1547Rs.1547 / 28 days12GB 4G/3G
VODARC1847Rs.1847 / 28 days15GB 4G/3G
VODARC1849Rs.1849 / 28 days10GB 4G/3G
VODARC1999Rs.1999 / 28 days20GB 4G/3G
VODARC2497Rs.2497 / 28 days20GB 4G/3G
VODARC2997Rs.2997 / 28 days20GB + 20GBN 4G/3G
VODARC3349Rs.3349 / 28 days20GB 4G/3G
Please Note: These data are picked from Delhi-NCR Region. However most of the data packs will remain unchanged except few.

Terms: GBN means Giga Byte data for night usage (Between 12AM to 6AM)


2GB 4G Free Data For Mumbai Users

Today vodafone has announced that they are going to Give 2GB Free internet data for their Mumbai user. This special offer is only for those who are upgrading their existing SIM to Supernet 4G. I am sure that this offer is also offered by Airtel too.

vodafone 4g activation

So all you need is to visit this page to check whether you are ready for the upgrade or not. If your sim is Read for an upgrade then SMS SIMEX <20digit SIM number> and send it to 55199. Additionally, you can find the SIM Number in back of your SIM Card.

Vodafone Free 9GB 4G Internet Plan

I have collected all information before making this post so please read all steps carefully before proceeding further. So as i have already mentioned that you can avail free benefit of 9GB 4G data. However, there are two requirements to get this offer.

Requirements for Vodafone 9GB Free Internet

  • A 4G LTE SmartphoneIf you believe that you have a 4G compatible handset then you can follow my steps below. This offer is specially made for selected handsets. You can check all compatible list of 4G smartphone from here.
  • A Recharge RequiredYou must recharge with a 1GB 4G data pack to get the benefits. This data pack amount may vary as per your operator location.
  • Network LocationsYou area must fall on Vodafone supernet 4G location. I have a list of all compatible locations such as Delhi and NCR, Gujrat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Mumbai, UP (East), West Bengal (Except Kolkata).

Steps To Avail Free 9GB Vodafone 4G

  1. If you are compatible with the above requirements, the follow with the second step.
  2. Insert your Vodafone sim to your 4G compatible device or Skip if you have already inserted.
  3. Open your mobile or desktop browser and visit this special Vodafone offer page link to avail the benefits. See this screenshot below..
    vodafone 4g plans
  4. Now you have to enter your active Vodafone number and click on Generate OTP Button.
  5. You will receive one time password through SMS on your Vodafone number soon.
  6. Just enter the OTP on the website and now you will be asked to recharge with minimum 1GB 4G pack.
  7. Select the suitable 4G pack for you and pay the rest of the amount using Debit, Credit card or net banking.
  8. Now wait for few minute, Your Vodafone account will be credited additional 9GB 4G data.

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BSNL Broadband Plans: Get Free 1Mbps Broadband Connection For 6 months @Rs.249 Only.
Features and Benefits

  • You will get free 9GB 4G data benefits for next 90 days ( 3 months )
  • Applicable for new vodafone compatible mobiles phones.

Get Bonus 100MB Data For You

To get this benefit, Please download my vodafone app. You just have to register on the app for the first time. Once register, you will get 100MB credited on your data balance.

Check Your Vodafone 4G Internet Data

To check your available data quota, i have mentioned two best method. These methods will help you to check whether you have redeemed the above benefits or not.

  1. My Vodafone App: Download my Vodafone app from this link and get free 100MB data for first install on the app. You can check your main calling balance, data balance and manage more products.
  2. Dial USSD Code: If you don’t want download above app then no worries. I have another USSD solution for you. Just grab your phone and dial *111*5# to check your remaining data balance.

Why I haven’t Received Free 9GB data Benefit

This questions may have multiple answers. I assume that these answers will help you

  • Already availed: You have already redeemed this offer earlier, as this offer available once per customer.
  • Incompatible Handset: You are using a 3G handset which is not applicable for this Vodafone 4G plan.
  • Non-Vodafone Subscriber: If you don’t own a Vodafone SIM then you probably may not avail this offer.
  • Location Error: Well, You don’t have an offer for your location at present. But check again later!

Free Rs.20 Recharge For Your Vodafone Number

I have a special gift for you. Now forget online recharge and treat yourself with this exclusive giveaway by me. If you want to get free rs.20 recharge then use my true balance referral link. Read the full post and get rs.20 recharge absolutely free. Get more online recharge offers from here.

Please do ask me anything regarding this Vodafone 4G plan. I will update more offers here. Bookmark this post for future updates.


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