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Well Guys you all know Shareit is an app that allows you to send images, videos, applications, songs and each and every format of all the files. share it allows  you to transfer any file whether its document, videos, images, apps etc. without any data cable or USB. You can share transfer files with speed 210 times more than the bluetooth.

So today i will tell you more about SHAREIT FOR PC which runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and for iOS platform. You can share your multiple files together with your PC and can transfer back to your android mobile. The transfer of files takes place with very high speed.

The above mentioned detail is for windows platform. However the size may vary for different devices. I will notify you if any updates of this application comes.

shareit for pc

Share It For PC Specifications

Required Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 10
Latest Version4.0.2.58
APK Size6.28 MB
Updated ByDecember 29, 2016
The PC version is also very light and easy to use. You can use this app at any platform, this is the best thing about this. Now I will tell you the functioning of this application. Keep reading.

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How To Download Shareit For PC?

To download shareit, you must need higher version or you may say latest version. So in the below lines i will give you the official links to download this app for PC.

Share It For PC Features

The core feature of SHAREit is transferring files between people without having to use cloud storage. You can share photos, videos, local music files, documents, and apps from one device to another. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using because SHAREit only communicates with other SHAREit enabled devices.

It doesn’t transfer data over a general Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. Instead, it creates a direct wireless connection with up to five devices like a small network. Once connected to another device, files can be sent and received. You can also clone a device and send its contents to another device.

The best part of SHAREit is that it’s multi-platform, including Windows PC.

Important Note: Make sure that you have Shareit version 4.0 or above in your PC.

Which Files Are Supported For Transferring?

File of any format can be transferred  whether it is in MBs or GBs. You can browse your memory card or internal storage for your convenience and can change your location where the files need to be transferred.Some of the file types are shown below:

  • Doc files
  • Images and Videos
  • Music file of any format
  • Installed apps
  • Backup and more

Is Internet Connection Needed For Sharing?

No, you don’t need any internet connection for sharing your files to PC. Just turn on share it from your devices and select ‘send’ from your portable device and select ‘ is this device you are searching for’ then put the password of share it from pc in your mobile share it and it will automatically connect and files will starts transferring.

How Can I Send Files?

There are few steps  with screenshots which gonna make clear your all doubts for connecting share it to PC. First of all, download latest version of  Share It in your PC as well as in your mobile whether its iOS, Android, Windows phone. Then Follow these simple steps:

  1. First of all, run ShareIt at both the ends, in your phones as well as in PC. Since you are sending file from your PC to your phone, click ‘receive’ in your phone.
    shareit pc interface
  2.  Firstly your PC will ask you to connect to the network. After selecting ‘Receive’ in your phone, you will be redirected to the screen where there will be an option ‘Connect to PC’, click on that.
    shareit connect to pc
  3. On the next screen of your phone you will see the name of your computer, click on that. Now you are successfully connected. You can share anything now.
    shareit connecting
  4. At same time you will a message on your PC, asking for the permission to connect. Accept the request. You are successfully connected. Now you can share what you like.
    shareit connection request

What Problems I May Face While Using This App?

Now there are problems you could face while using Share it For PC. First problem you could face is while searching for a device you won’t find your device around, it may be device is out of connectivity area or another reason behind may be that you are using Internet while using Share It in you mobile.

shareit error

Other reason would be your phone RAM is really slow and your don’t have enough space in your mobile.

How Can I Receive Files?

Now i will tell you how you can receive file from your PC into your Mobile. So for this procedure you have to go through this screenshot examples.

First of all, Make sure that your Data connection is off.

  1. First of all, connect your PC to your phone as mentioned above, similar to the ‘How can I send file?’ section.
    shareit connection request
  2. When both are connected. Select file you want share from your phone to your PC.
    shareit mobile select files
  3. Click on send button. You will see sending of data from your phone to your laptop or your computer.
    shareit pc received files

The other feature of Share it is that it also support PPT Control which means  that you can control your power point representation.

Is There Any Other Way to Transfer Data?

Of course, if you are unable to connect to your PC. There is another simple way to share things. Just click on ‘Scan to connect’ in your phone and in you computer click on ‘Show QR Code’. Scan the code and there you are connected.

shareit pc qrcode

If you like this post and find this informative, kindly let me know by commenting in box below. If you face any difficulty while connecting this app, I will add more information for your convenience. You can suggest me more ideas about this particular topic in comment section. Keep following.

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