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SHAREit is an app that allows you to send images, videos, applications, songs and each and every format of all the files.Now you can send tons of data with the blazing speed. You can share your files 210 times faster than Bluetooth. But the most noteworthy thing about SHAREit is you can transfer files without losing quality.

Furthermore, It does not require any USB cable neither data usage nor any internet connection. Finally, there is an app in Google Play Store that shares data with the lightning speed and simple interface. It’s a cross-platform network so it available for windows also, click here to download shareit for pc.

Since this application works on every platform like Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac, therefore,  this is the choice of over 600 million users from 200 countries. Now, you are just one click away to share even your installed files. Now, let’s talk about the functioning and features of this application.

shareit app

SHAREit App Information

Requires Android2.2 and up
APK Size4.74 MB
Current Version3.6.98_ww
Installs100,000,000 - 500,000,000
UpdatedDecember 29, 2016
Offered BySHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
The above mentioned detail is for Android platform. However the size may vary for different devices. It is a light app and works even at the oldest android version. I will notify you if any updates of this application comes.

Also Check192.168.1.1 Login IP Address

How to Download ShareIt from Google Play Store?

  • This app is absolutely free available on play store. You can also download ShareIt using your android mobile.

Highlighted Features of ShareIt

Where Bluetooth and Infrared are time taking technologies. ShareIt app was launched with ultra-fast features and comparatively better user experience. This app is also known as SHAREit transfer sharing app. Now, let’s talk about the key features of this application. Why this is the first choice of millions of users. But the most important thing that makes this app worthy to download is, it’s totally free and available on Google Play Store.

210 Times Faster Than Bluetooth Sharing

As I mentioned, this app is 210 times faster than any Bluetooth version. So, you don’t have to wait for long. You can easily send or receive large files with just a blink. ShareIt developers are working to increase the speed of this app without any interruption. But the most noteworthy about this application is that you can save the shared file in your phone memory, no cloud storage is needed.

No pairing like Bluetooth is needed while using this app. So saving of time is another addition to the feature of this app. However, you may face the error of ‘connection lost’ but you can rebuild the connection in few seconds.

Not only a single user but at the same time you can share your valuable data to as many users as you want. I’m just trying to say, you can use a single platform to share to many.

Which Files are Supported for Transferring?

By using this app, you can transfer any file of any format. You can even browse to your phone memory as well as memory card. Sharing the folder itself is an addition to this app. I am also mentioning some of the formats for your convenience. This app allows you to transfer gigantic data in no time.

  • Doc files
  • Images and Videos
  • Music file of any format
  • Installed apps
  • Backup and more

Is Internet Connection Needed for Sharing?

Usually we need an internet connection to transfer other formats. But SHAREit apk don’t work like that. You can share data without any internet connection. All you need to do is just run the app and it will automatically build a wireless connection between the device. Both the devices that have ShareIt installed will connect automatically if there are in safe range.

Is it Possible to Share from Phone to PC?

Not only mobile phone but you can share data from you phone to PC or vice versa. Both PC and mobile versions are easy to use with user friendly interface. You can download the PC version of this application from your windows store. All you need is the upgrade version of your windows as Windows 8/8.1/10.

Important Note: To connect to computer, your SHAREit for PC must be v4.0 or above.

What is Cross Platform Transferring?

Now, what is Cross Platform Transferring? I will tell you with the easy examples. You can transfer files from

  • Android to android
  • Android to iOS and Windows Phone
  • Mobile to PC
  • PC to PC or vice versa

How Can I Send Files?

Now, I will tell you the functioning of this application in simple steps. In this section I will show the screenshots of transferring data from an android device to another android device. Keep reading for more.

  1. First of all, download the application on both ends and run it.
    shareit registration
  2. Now, select ‘Send’ from both of the options. Similarly select ‘Receive’ from the other advice, you want to share data with.
    shareit interface
  3. Select the applications or any file you want to share. In this section I am sharing a pre-installed app in my phone. You can select anything you want. You can even browse to phone memory as well as microSD card.
    share with shareit
  4. When you click on ‘send’, you will be redirected to another screen where this app will establish a secure connection to the other device.
    shareit secure connection
  5. After establishment of a secure connection, sending process will start automatically. You can trace the total size of data share and transfer time too.
    shareit portal task
  6. Repeat the same procedure to share more and again.

What Problems I may Face while Using this App?

We have been talking about the benefits of ShareIt apk but there are some cons of this app too. These drawbacks don’t effect the performance of this app but they can be the cause of users’ irritations.

Connectivity Problem

You might face this problem while using this app. Sometimes you require more than one chance to share your data. It takes time to establish a connection. It is very secure but time taking too. If you want to share data from your iPhone to any android device, you have to go through many procedures. Again it takes time.

shareit connection problem

Too Much ads

The front end of this app is full of advertisements. Too much ads reduces the interest of the users. Unnecessary ads keep blinking on the screen. In my case, ads in Chinese language covers the phone screen. I don’t even know this language. Isn’t it funny?

shareit ads

How Can I Receive Files?

Again I will tell you how to receive files by using this app. Procedure of receiving data is as easy as sending the same. Just follow the simple steps:

  1. First of download the app from both ends, after installation, run it.
  2. Put your name or E-mail address on the next screen. You can also set your image from gallery or you can choose from the options provided.
  3. Now, select the option ‘Receive’ from your mobile and ask your friend to select the option ‘send’ from the other device.
  4. Just wait until secure connection is established. This is an automatic process and may take while. If it fails to build the connection at first time. Try again.
    shareit connect to nearby devices
  5. When both the devices be connected at the secure channel you will see a screen, receiving the particular file or application. You can directly run the application or see the file received in this portal.
    shareit portal

What is Portal?

If we are talking about this particular application. Portal is an interface where you can see the progress of transferring data. Various information can be seen on this interface. You can compare Portal with the dashboard. As the function of the dashboard is to provide full information and to control the device.

  • Total size of data received or sent
  • Name of each file shared with their particular size
  • Time taken to complete the task
  • Sender’s or receiver’s information like E-mail ID or registered name with their logo image.
  • Total numbers of file shared
  • All the files have been sent and remains to send. You can initially cancel the transfer anytime you want by just clicking ‘Cross button’ provided on the top left corner.
  • You can upgrade your android applications to higher version by tapping on the ‘Upgrade’ section. Similarly, you can browse receiver’s phone if he/her allows you.

Does ShareIt App affect the RAM?

Before installation, we always think whether this app will affect the RAM or not. Same with me, that’s why I checked it by myself. I ran the app, and while transferring the data, I checked my RAM.


  • It consumes less space than other apps. In my case it was 95MB, which is not much according to my phone’s specifications. However, the consumption of RAM may vary with different devices. You can comment your results in the comment box.
    shareit ram consumption
  • Battery consumption is also low. The app wasn’t even mentioned in the ‘Battery Usage’ section, in my case. But if you use this app for long time or the transferring data is much, your phone may heat up.

What if the other end don’t have ShareIt?

  1. If you have downloaded ShareIt in your phone and your friend do not have the same in his/her phone. Don’t worry about that, I will tell you how you can share shareIt. Just follow the simple steps.
  2. First of all, run the app in your phone, in the right upper corner you will see ‘Invite’, click on that. You will be redirected to the next page.
    shareit front end
  3. Again you will see two options, ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Hotspot’. You can share it either by Bluetooth or by hotspot. We all know how to transfer files using Bluetooth. Lets talk about the second option.
    shareit via hotspot
  4. Click on “Hotspot’, on the next window you will see use of hotspot step wise. Now open stock browser on the other end and type IP Address You will be redirected to the page where you can download this app. (No internet connection is required)
    shareit download
  5. You can also get ShareIt by just scanning QR code.

Guys, if you like this post and if there is any suggestions to add more, kindly comment in the comment box. In this article I have explained the working but yet you find it difficult to understand let me know. I will add more visual information and other stuff.


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