MNP To Reliance Jio: Full Sim Portability Procedure with Free 4G Offers

Good news for everyone who wants to port their existing number to Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio MNP will be launched soon earlier October 2016 in India.

You can port to Jio prepaid and postpaid service. Both can be joined without any additional cost. You can also get Free 4G Complimentary offer with it. With portability, you can also avail new Jio mobile number series

In such case you can change your telecom service provider such as Airtel, Idea, Tata Docomo to Jio. Migration is very simple procedure as i have mentioned below this post with full tutorial.

reliance jio mnp

Are you really unhappy with your existing telecom service provider? Well that’s okay, this is why TRIA (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has give you a superior power to migrate over another network anytime.

This whole process is called MNP ( Mobile Number Portability ). You just need UPC and Barcode and this can be done with a simple method.


Dear Visitors, Please Note That:  As i have received so many complaints from my users. That’s why i have to announced that Reliance Jio port facility is not started yet. I will continue to monitor and update this Topic on future. However the steps to Jio sim porting will remain the same. Thanks, Reagards Pankaj Singh

Offers on Jio MNP Portability


As you have already know that new Reliance Jio subscribers are already availing the unlimited data, calls benefit. I have personally used over 40GB in just 3 days.

So it would be no surprise if they will offer the same benefits for customers who came from MNP process.

  • Data and Voice Offer:Get the “Complimentary Welcome Offer” of unlimited 4G downloading and calling for first three months.
  • Change Jio Mobile Number Series:If you are familiar with Jio, you may have notice that Jio number series will always start it “7” only. Some user prefer to have a mobile number starting with “9”.This is why you can now convert your existing sim to Jio and change number series as per your preference.



Jio work in somehow different then other telecom companies. This is because Reliance Jio works on latest technology such as LTE, so hardware requirements should be latest. So i will make a list of all requirements related to mobile number portability process.

  1. 4G Mobile Phone : If you don’t have 4G Smartphone then buy best mobile from link. Remember that Jio only works with 4G mobile, NOT 3G.
  2. Existing Mobile Number: You must already have an activated SIM number.
  3. Valid ID Documents: Bring the documents ID of same name which was used for your previous SIM card activation process. I would recommend you to go with only “Aadhar card”.
  4. Latest Photographs: Keep 2 latest photos of yours.

Jio Portability Procedure


Portability process is very easy and will take your minimum efforts. I have given you a clear instructions below this line, with step by step full procedure.

  1. Send an SMS to TRIA

    The very first step is to Send an SMS to TRIA. Just type PORT <space>YOUR NUMBER and send it to 1900.

    For example, If i want to port 9876543210 to Jio then i will send an SMS i.e PORT 9876543210 and i will send it to 1900.

    reliance jio number port

    Note: The SMS may charge Rs.1 from your main balance, so keep a minimum of rs.1 balance before initiation. Use same mobile number to send SMS which you want to port.


  2. Request Process Time

    After the SMS, its time to receive an SMS response from TRIA. You may need to wait for few days, so that server will handle your service request.

    Usually, your request process almost within few hours, maybe in minutes. Just be patience till then…


  3. Get Unique Port Out Code

    You will receive an SMS from 1901 with a unique porting code (UPC). This code is very important as it will be used to process your request.

    UPC SMS Example: “Hi! Your UPC is TH73XXXX & This is valid till 19-9-2016. Plz disclose the UPC only to recipient operator personnel at the point of sale & not to any other person.”

    Jio UPC port sms process

    Note: This UPC will only be valid for 15 days. Don’t delete any SMS received from 1901, You may need them in future.


  4. Download MyJio App

    You need to download MyJio app from google playstore on your 4G android phone. This is because Jio is currently available only on selected Android 4G Mobiles. You can check Reliance Jio Mobiles list from here.

    Install the app and Generate a Unique Barcode. This barcode is necessary as it verifies that your mobile is Fully compatible with Jio sim card.

    Note: If you are unable to generate the barcode then your mobile is not supported with Jio portability.


  5. Ignore Telemarketing Calls

    Your current SIM network provider may call you between this activation process. They may ask you the reason to leave their network and may gift you flashy offer.

    Its all upto your choice. If you really want to port out, then ignore such calls.


  6. Visit Your Nearest Reliance Jio Store

    Take your Unique Porting Code (UPC) + Barcode + Documents ID4G Mobile to the nearest Reliance Digital Xpress, Reliance Digital Xpress mini or prominent multi-brand Jio stores.

    Tell them that whether you want Prepaid or Postpaid connection. They will handle it on your behalf.

    You have to fill-up and submit the form. That’s all.


  7. Check MNP Status

    Well you may have to wait for upto one week to check your Status.

    To check status, Just insert your SIM to your 4G mobile and you will receive an SMS of your Port Status from Jio Team.

    If you are receiving network signals from Reliance Jio, that also means that your status is now verified.


  8. Enjoy Jio Service


    That’s all folks, You can now enjoy this affordable service without any issues. You will be given “Jio Welcome Offer” of unlimited 4G bandwidth usage for first three months.

    If you are curious about Reliance Jio tariff plans after 3 months then read the post.

So you can now avail the special Jio services by keeping your primary number safe. This facility is really helpful if you are really fed up with your telecom provider. If have missed anything in MNP to Reliance Jio post, let me know. Please feel free to ask me anything related to this post.

MNP To Reliance Jio: Full Sim Portability Procedure with Free 4G Offers
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96 Comments on "MNP To Reliance Jio: Full Sim Portability Procedure with Free 4G Offers"

Arindam Ghosh

Very poor portability service in Durgapur region. We are also not getting the sim



But i m not able to regenerate the new barcode… And i do not the old barcode also, because as soon as i registered for porting the barcode got vanished. Can i get back the old barcode no from the reliance store???
And is it possible to buy and use the sim on other’s barcode no????
And when porting process will finish ?? Is it before december only,??? I guess …..


Hi Pankaj,
I have ported my Tata Docomo to Jio on 25th September, Still not ported. Still how much i have to wait??
Is there any alternate solution for this.? Can i Regenerate the Barcode and buy new sim? If yes then please guide to do the same…..

Abhishek Karoshi


Well ..i am waiting from 27 sep to port from airtel to jio..and now even the old sim is not working


I have done MNP and got the JIO sim on 30th sep 2016, till know it is not activated.

Sanjay Singh

I want to port my Vodafone No. to Jio what should I do now

Purushottam Kumar

My jio aap pe get jio sim nahi aa raha hai


It will not work if u r using Vodafone net. Try other network

Purushottam Kumar

Sir Maine my jio sap download Kiya hu usepe get jio sim ka opshen hi nahi aa raha hai Sir koi dusra upay bata dijiye jio sim lene ka

Vijay singh

Sir my phone sapoted 4G SIM NOT so bar code model number Asus Z010D please send reply


I have moregmax 4g7 tablet . can I use jio sim..!? it is 4g but not suport barcode.

Kamlakar Singh

Sir I have 2 bsnl sim so that I want to 1 sim MNP. How much it take time. I have 4g mobile but not jio sim. Pl. Guide me.


Dear Sir,
I am from Ludhiana & wants to port from Idea to Jio. But local Jio Office & every Digital Xpress Mini Store is straight forwardly refusing it or making excuses like porting will start after 31st Dec or porting is facing problem or Visit other store. I have tried several time with JioCare, but to of no use. Please guide me if its possible to port into Jio.
Thanks in advance


Dear Pankaj Singh,

i have already obtained new Jio sim.by producing downloaded code no & barcode through MyJio app.

Now i wish to port my AIRTEL No. to JIO with an intention to continue my earlier no, is it possible ? pl. let me know the procedure to be followed.

Thank you


Given MNP from BSNL to Jio on 23 but till now it’s not disconnected from BSNL. Will I get it or should I buy new sim. If new sim can the same barcode be redeemed.


Did the port happen brother…please let me know..


Hello friends,

I have applied for porting on Sep 23 from BSNL to Jio, As of now still my bsnl networking almost 12 days over. I have called BSNl customer care more than 20 times, Some time they are not answering they are simply disconnecting the calls, Some suggesting port to jio is not possible disconnect bsnl number and get new jio connection, someone saying it will be activated with 1hour 2hours and 4hours and so on. Jio is saying bsl updated incorrect doner ;)moving out from bsnl is hard

Sheikh Imtiyaz

Porting not available witg Jio.. I visited their office and they told me to wait… We have not received any info yet regarding MNP


Port to bsnl but not ported sim.can new coupon code


I hav ported my bsnl no. But 13 days hav passed nd it still not ported how much shuld i wait more gor getting it ported?
Can i get a new sim and unlimited offer after showing redeemed in my bar code?


same problem for me to did u took new sim

Govind Salunke

Please let me know when portability starts

Govind Salunke

Please let me know when portability starts, since I want to port from Docomo


I hav ported my bsnl no. But 8 days hav passed nd it still not ported how much shuld i wait more gor getting it ported?
Can i get a new sim and unlimited offer after showing redeemed in my bar code?




Today I submitted the documents for MNP


i am having IDEA sim and it is on my friend’s ID. during MNP Should i need his ID or i can give my ID

Umesh Prajapati

Mr. Pankaj Singh, no offense but it seems that you are the only one educated with Reliance MNP whereas all reliance digital stores across India are on the same page i.e. they currently have no information with respect to MNP even in Mumbai here. If you want please visit and share you experience if you find any store or whom we can escalate such issues. Believe me it is becoming a pain and I think reliance will loose its shine even after such excellent media effort as there executive are useless.


I also ask at reliance digital stores at Kochi but they say portability is not started from jio

bhaskar gautam

Chhindwara dist. Me jio office me nom. Port nhi kr rhe hai bol rhe hai mujhe upar se permission nhi hai
Kya nom. Portability abhi chalu nhi hue hai


Even in Bangalore also same issue, I have contacted two reliance digital stores. They are also saying same thing. Porting not yet started.


I agree with avinash I visited three stores in Hyd n all are denying mnp , as per them mnp has not yet started


in Anantapur AP ,MNP are accepting


Reliance digital is denying for port facility and saying they don’t have any such instruction/mail . According to them till now porting facility not started.

vinay kumar

i have download the app but otp is not getting speed so please look people have hope that India will get data giri .


I want to port my present Reliance number to Jio

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