Reliance Jio Broadband Plans 05 Nov 2017: GigaFiber New Offers

With 110 Million growing customers, Reliance is planning to provide dedicated Reliance Jio Broadband to all users. The plans are really cheaper than any other company in the world. Not only this, you will get non-stop superior speed for uploading and downloading data.

After introducing numerous tariff plans for over millions of users, Jio has finally decided to move in broadband sector. In this sector, the biggest rival is BSNL Broadband itself. There are two types of plan in Reliance Jio broadband which is based on volume and speed.

So in this post, I will try to explain all the different kind of broadband plans, including offers of GigaFiber. I will also include some special offers related to them. Keep in mind that Reliance has introduced the basic plan for ₹500 which gives you 600 GB data. Initially, Reliance will test the broadband service in Delhi and Mumbai followed by other major cities to check, if there is any performance issue.

reliance jio broadband

Reliance Jio Broadband Plans

Tariff PriceBundle Data/SpeedApp UsageValidity
Rs.400Unlimited @N/ANIL1 Day
Rs.500600GB @15 MbpsNIL30 Days
Rs.5003.5GB/ Day @N/ANIL30 Days
Rs.500N/A @60 MbpsNIL30 Days
Rs.800Unlimited @10 MbpsNIL30 Days
Rs.1000500 GB @25 MbpsNIL30 Days
NIL300 GB @600 MbpsRs. 550030 Days
NIL500 GB @400 MbpsRs. 400030 Days
NIL750 GB @200 MbpsRs. 350030 Days
NIL1000 GB @100 MbpsRs. 200030 Days
NIL2000 GB @50 MbpsRs. 150030 Days
NIL5 GBRs. 100030 Days
NIL10 GBRs. 200030 Days
NIL20 GBRs. 300030 Days
NIL40 GBRs. 400030 Days
NIL60 GBRs. 500030 Days
Note: (NIL) Means officially prices are not revealed yet.
(N/A) Means broadband speed are not applicable yet.


Reliance Jio Fiber Plans

Reliance Jio has introduced three basic plans that are made according to different type of internet usage. So below is the list of all plans introduced by reliance and i have explained all the details of these plans one by one. So keep reading that

  • Speed-based plans.
  • Volume-based plans.
  • Special broadband plans

Jio Giga Fiber Speed Based Plans 2017

SpeedData CapFree App UsageValidity
50 Mbps2000 GBRs. 150030 Days
100 Mbps1000 GBRs. 200030 Days
200 Mbps750GBRs. 350030 Days
400 Mbps500 GBRs. 400030 Days
600 Mbps300 GBRs. 550030 Days

Reliance Jio has introduced speed based plans which focuses on better and superior speed. So the minimum plan will provide you atleast 50 Mbps (Mega Bits) speed. On the top of that, the higher plan goes upto 600 Mbps which is fastest ever internet speed in the history of Indian broadband, commercially. This type of plans are suitable from streaming high definition videos, live games, large structure and unstructured data on internet. Basically these are business plans which provides maximum uptime.

Normally we count internet speed in Bytes, so to clear your doubts, the maximum speed you can get is 75 MB/s (600 Mbps). That means you will be able to download 75 MB in just a single second which is blazing fast. Off-course the website servers will be equally responsible to get this much speed. This maximum speed plan will probably cost you ₹5500. Eventually the high will be speed, the less will be data usage.

Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Volume Based Plans

Per Day Data UsageFree App UsageValidity
5 GBRs. 100030 Days
10 GBRs. 200030 Days
20 GBRs. 300030 Days
40 GBRs. 400030 Days
60 GBRs. 500030 Days

Accoding to the reports, the MRP of these broadband plans are undefined yet. Furthermore the volume-based tariffs have legitimacy (validity) of 30 days. It can also be considered as Home plans. These plans have been separated on the premise of everyday use. These are the plans that we Indian always look for, because of high data.

So if you can compromise with speed, then these broadband plans have more bundle data for you. I really like the ₹800 plan which comes with 10 Mbps (1.25 MB/s) speed cap and unlimited data usage. If i have to choose any of these plans, i would go for the ₹800 scheme.

Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Special Broadband Plans

Rs 500 600 GB15 Mbps30 Days
Rs 1000500 GB25 Mbps30 Days
Rs 5003.5 GB Per DayNot Available30 Days
Rs 500 ******60 Mbps30 Days
Rs 800Unlimited10 Mbps30 Days
Rs 400UnlimitedNot Available1 Day

The Reliance Jio Fiber broadband service offer’s data plans under three distinct classes: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The report doesn’t indicate how these three plans will function, So pardon me for that. However i am keep looking for more in-depth details so that i can update it.

The “Unique Tariff Offers” have the base plans of ₹500, which has 600 GB bundle data with 15 Mbps average speed.. If you simply need unlimited access to internet for whole 24 hours then there is a plan for the same. If we most of the plans with BSNL or Airtel Broadband than probably these are 40% cheapest.


What is the Launch Date of Reliance Jio Broadband ?

In order to register jio broadband service, you need to wait for some time as service is not launched publicly. While the good news is that Reliance can provide first few month unlimited free broadband service to initial customers.

Till this date, Reliance Jio GigaFiber broadband is still in its testing stage in Pune, Maharashtra. As soon as testing completes, the service will be roll out in major cities that i have mentioned below. So every peace of information will be updated to this post and i will also send a push notifications to my users.

How To Apply on Reliance Jio GigaFiber Broadband?

Well, you can fill the application form from your nearest Reliance Digital Xpress Mini, Digital Life store, Reliance Mini/DX store as well as from official website. However you can proceed only after the official announcement of the Reliance Broadband service. Initially, you need to check for your area pincode, if service is available on your city or not. I will provide you application form in future.

What are Eligible Reliance Jio Broadband Circle?

While Jio is expanding the circle availability, below are the states which will get Jio broadband service on it launch.

  • Maharashtra
  • New Delhi
  • Haryana
  • Chandigarh
  • Kolkata
  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Rajhasthan
  • Orrisa
  • Punjab
  • Gujarat
  • Uttar Pradesh

What Is Reliance Jio GigaFiber Welcome Offer ?

Jio may provide a whooping 90 days of free GigaFiber broadband service to all. Jio GigaFiber will expand the speed limit and nature of fiber-optics ideal to home clients.

Final Thoughts

Reliance jio is surely revolutionizing the digitization once again in India. With the introduction of Jio telecommunication, the Reliance industry is continues to luring customer with cheaper and reliable services. So, If there is any query or you are confused about any plan, do let me know by dropping your precious comment below.


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