Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card: Most Frequently Asked Question FAQ Online

I know many of my users are curios about getting the Reliance Jio 4G Sim card. Many of them have already availed the sim card but few are still awaiting for it. So i have decided to make a separate post on the Reliance Jio 4G sim topic where i will try to answer all of the questions.

Top Questions Asked About Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card

There are so many question which was asked by my visitor on my previous Reliance Jio tariff plans & activation post. So i picked the top questions which were repeatedly asking by my visitors one by one. So below are a list of some of these questions.



How Much Time it Takes To Activate Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card?

Well, initially it took around one day to fully activate my Reliance Jio sim card. But as of know, the process is getting more secure. It may take 3 to 4 days to activate your sim card. So just take patience and wait till the activation process completes.


Update: Many users are complaining that they have waited for more than 20 days and still they are unable to activate their Jio sim. So watchout of this downtime, I cannot say clearly how much you have to wait for full activation.


Buy Reliance Jio Sim Card Online, How?

I really don’t know where this question comes from. The perfect of this answer is No. You cannot buy Reliance Jio sim card online. Jio sim card is exclusively available on Reliance Digital Stores. If you want to buy a Reliance Jio sim the just download MyJio android app and check the local Reliance Digital Store near you on Online Map.


Read Here: How to Buy Reliance Jio Sim

My Jio Barcode Shows Redeemed. What can i do Now???

Those Who are suffered with that problem “My Jio barcode Shows Redeemed”. The Solution is You Should to complaint email to the Jio Care with Your Barcode Number and your Mobile Handset Model with IMEI No Yourname and Existing Mobile Number of your Mobile.They Will help You.

Email id: [email protected]


Also Try to Download Myjio App Old Apk From Here

May i generate 2 barcode on my mobile?

No, You cannot generate a 2 jio barcode for with a single mobile. Jio barcode is the one time process only for 4G mobiles. If you want to get the barcode again there is no way you just need to get new 4G mobile only   :)

What is Reliance Jio Sim Card Price?

Well as per latest information, Reliance Jio sim card comes free with LYF android mobiles. Well it actually doesn’t comes with the mobile package but you have to grab the same from your nearest Reliance Store. The price of the Jio sim card is rs.0 for all.

Can I Use My Activated Jio Sim on Other Devices?

Updated: No you cannot. Jio sim is IMEI bound so no matter what it will work on a single device. Jio sim work on the same device on which it was activated. But sometime its working on other devices too for some users.

Will Jio 4G Sim card Work on My 3G Mobile ?

In one word, No. If you have pre-activated Jio sim card then you cannot use this sim card on 3G devices. This is because Jio Telecom uses only 4G Signals so you will get only 4G coverage, Not 3G. The only limitation is that you some features will not work on non-VoLTE mobiles, Such as Video calls.

I have Lost My Jio Barcode, What To Do?

I recommend everyone to take screenshot of the generated Barcode. If due to any circumstances, you have lost your barcode then just Go to your Mobile Settings Application Manager ⇒ Installed Apps ⇒ MyJio ⇒ Clear app data. Now open MyJio app and You will get your barcode again.


Update: Go to your mobile Gallery Pictures You will get Jio Barcode. This code automatically saves on your galaxy when you generate code on MyJio app.

I have Generated The Barcode From Other Mobile, Can i Activate Sim in Other Mobile?

No you cannot. You have to activate the jio sim card from the same mobile where you have generated the barcode.

I Have Got Only 2GB Data on Reliance Preview Offer, Why?

This is because that unlimited data offer is only working on LYF handset. So if you have activated the Jio sim on any non-LYF mobile than you may get limited 4G data usage.


Update: If you have got only 2GB data then use all data data first. After that you will automatically receive “Welcome offer” i.e Unlimited 4G trial for 3 months. (4GB highspeed after that 128kpbs)

I Have a Samsung Phone, Which Phones are Eligible For This Offer?

You can find all eligible Reliance Jio Mobiles From Here. We have listed all handsets and their links to buy.

I Lost My Jio Sim, What Should I Do Now?



In this case, you have to lodge a complaint to the nearest police station and take a FIR copy of that. Now you have to call to Jio customer care number and tell them to deactivate your number immediately.


After that, go to your nearest Jio mini store and ask them to reissue your Jio Sim with same number. They will do the rest of the job.

Jio Mobile Network Showing No Tower Signals?


If your sim is already activated and your mobile showing no signals then you can follow below troubleshoot.

  1. Go to your Phone SettingsMore Network SettingsMobile Networks and Select 4G (UMTS/WCDMA) Mode in Preferred Network Settings.
  2. Now restart your mobile and you will see network signals.

If you are still not getting signals that means probably your area network is down for a while.

What is the Difference Between Blue and Orange Sim Pack?

The orange sim pack comes with free 4G welcome offer while Blue jio sim is for those customers who are porting to Jio. In short, if you port from another telecom to Jio, You will get Blue pack, else, Orange pack.  

How Many Jio Sim Can I Avail With One Aadhar Card?

My answer would be 6 Sim per aadhar card. If you already availed a sim of Jio and want another one then you can avail it. You will get complementary welcome offer on all sim card.

Main Question: After Using Jio Sim, Will It Block/Lock My Sim Slot Forever?

Many of my users are asking this question from PAST ONE MONTH. I don’t know from where this question came from. So my answer is “NO”, It won’t block your Sim Slot. This is just a Rumor.


People are just manipulating Jio as abnormal network but it is normal as your regular sim card. It won’t block your IMEI or anything.


The reason why Jio team is taking your IMEI is to provide their service to Limited 4G Mobile users. This will help them to prevent misuse of their free unlimited calling and internet service.

If you have more question related to Reliance Jio Sim Card Purchase, Ask Down Below

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on my jio barcode there is redeemed written on it.bt my sim is not yet activated . it is day 5 .. what its mean.. ?


my jio sim was lost


Any solution you find about this problem please share,because same problem i found


Same prbpm bro


First of all download the four mandatory jio apps like jio play,jio beats,jio money, jio on demand from my jio(it will not work if you download the 4 apps directly from play store) after that you have to open my jio then tap on get jio sim and after it opens there will be a submit option,click on it

Deepak Nautiyal

Hi… Everyone… I had visited to reliance store for jio sim… I already generate the bar code on my phone. Store says that your bar code is redeemed… Kindly help..


Jio number – 7007914234
Alternate number – 8273910937
I purchased samsung j2 around a week before and get jio sim n genrate bar code.. Yesterday my bar code showing redeem. But i didn’t get any sms on my alternate numbr for verification. Plz clear dis query

Suresh Basnet

Same problem here

Saurabh Bharadwaj

I got a barcode after installing MyJio app but after sometime when I checked MyJio app for barcode, I couldn’t find that. So I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it.So how can I get the barcode again?


I am using the JIO sim in my existing samsung a7 mobile.initially I got 2GB of Data only. Post installing all the jio apps, it became unlimited in respect to data, calls or sms for 90days

Abhishek Kumar verma

I jave generated my bar code in September..now when i go to jio office to take sim they said its invalid code someone has already took the sim so it cant be activated again but i have not yet taken the sim neither any sim activated by my imei no so how is it possible that some has used my bar code and activated sim without my imei no? What to do now?

Gagan Mehta

Hello sir
My jio sim is not activated. I was take this sim from jio digital store on 20 aug 2016 but this sim not activated yet now.. my jio no. 7009545XXX
My name is Gagan Mehta..
My alternate no. 931656CCCC


If the jio is giving free service. What is the benifit of reliance.


on my jio bar code redeemed is written on it .bt sim is not actiavted .. what to do.. ?


Sir,i lost my jio bar code now when i open app it just show find store not jio bar code what should i do now i use mi note3


Same case, quick response on dis wud b appreciated


No response till now


Same problem..i am also facing


i bought sim on 23 aug.but the not activated yet & barcode shows redeemed what this means.
what should i do for dis.


I have also the same problem jio apps show that my code is redeem but still my sim shows emergengy calls plz give solution

kuljinder singh

i have same problem


I am having the same problem ..please help

Anupa R N

I am also facing same from please help me


Hi ,
Jio services will commence from 5th September


Me 2 any one get solution please share

shobhit kakkar

I have generate my jio code and continue three days try to collect sim, but every time reliance person hand over due to saver not working and yesterday 14.10.2016 i’m success to enter reliance store to get my sim. my addhar is process is ok & when reliance person scan my jio bar code he told my jio code is already redeemed some other one and I’m socked, how can other one redeemed my code. Before my number three people already face same problem. This is reliance security ? very bad service.


har jagah black ho rahi hai sim 200rs maie


Hello sir how to i solve redeemed jio barcode,,, How much time you take to solve this issue??? I want jio sim right now, but my bar code says redeemed


Some one Used my JIO code .. then how can i get the JIo sim .


I have generated my jio bar code, but someone stolen my bar code without my permission. How to cancel that jio bar code sim………….


When I showed my barcode at the stor they said that it has been already used and I was unable to get the sim . now what can I do? Plz


My barcode.is.showing redeemed but I didn’t got the sim card if any other person is using jio sim with my bar code can I complain for that because the barcode is generated form my mobile and some another person is using that’s why I am not able to get jio sim from any jio care centre plz tell me how can I get a good sim for.my barcode

Prabhu Prahul Gandhi

I am also facing Same problem please help me out


This is the same problem with me. Retailer had taken my aadhar I’D and finger print and told bar code is used by some one else. How can someone else use my identity for their. This will be a problem to many customers like me. Please solve this problem.

AJay Srivastava

Sir I Get Sim on 22/08/16 But Yet No Confirmation Msg Or No Activation Msg….
When My_Jio_Sim Activate Just Repl in This Year or Next Year Coz These Jio Sim card Block My Lte Sim card Space


i have samsung on7. i got jio 4G sim card on 20-8-2016 but till now it is not activated. i have submitted aadhar card (xerox) and photo. How much time will take to activate? plz reply sir.

Vishal Srivastava

Same here 13 days but still not activated, and no response from store or care.

hanamant G M

Last 20 days back i have created the bar code by using your my jio app but at that i did not save the bar code but now i want purchase your sim card , so i need bar code but i am unable create the bar code second time by using your MY Jio
app. ( First time bar code i did not used ) So I am requesting you to do the needf

Amos Tshering

Even i faced the same problem, but yesterday, all of a sudden, when i again re-installed the myjio app and opened I got the bar code back, it seems reliance have done some work on it. of course, i had mailed a complained to jio care also


Sir please tell mr jio barcode validity


I had installed myjio app and generated barcode once. Due to some problem I had to uninstall the app. Now I have lost the barcode and unable to regenerate. Is there anyway that I can get that barcode again.


Bhai mera bar code kho gYa ha kya karu


I generated a bar code and went to the nearest store they said that it was already reedemed now how could i get my jio


My case is also same ..wen I went it shows invalid and redeemed… What to do


I have heard that jio sim will block our imei no. Of the handset in which we will use jio sim. And in future we can’t access any other sim on that imei no.
So guys choose it wisely.


Is it true!?or a rumour


My jio sim is not activated till 10 days why ????


Still Reliance Jio network not reflecting in my moblie , why ?


I have LETV LE2 mobile, will that sim work on this mobile.


sir, i had generated my exclusive offer code one month ago for yureka plus but at that i was not applicable to get jio sim for my yureka plus, but when reliance give chance to yureka… thn my exclusive offer code validation date expired…. so now wht i should to do to get jio sim… plz help me

Sahil chauhan

Jst go to the store and get the sim your epiry date will be exgended


Here’s a question is – There’s a verification step before generating a coupon code but it requires a OTP which is not actually delivered on my samsung j7 phone.
Can you help me out.


I have same issue but keep try u will get soon otp code


Sir someone hack my jio barcode, and take the jio sim of my mobile barcode i want to block that sim and reissue jio sim please tell me how i can do this

suman shaw

Sir I am suman my jio bar code hake and I request jio sim please sir I take the jio sim