Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card: Most Frequently Asked Question FAQ Online

I know many of my users are curios about getting the Reliance Jio 4G Sim card. Many of them have already availed the sim card but few are still awaiting for it. So i have decided to make a separate post on the Reliance Jio 4G sim topic where i will try to answer all of the questions.

Top Questions Asked About Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card

There are so many question which was asked by my visitor on my previous Reliance Jio tariff plans & activation post. So i picked the top questions which were repeatedly asking by my visitors one by one. So below are a list of some of these questions.



How Much Time it Takes To Activate Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card?

Well, initially it took around one day to fully activate my Reliance Jio sim card. But as of know, the process is getting more secure. It may take 3 to 4 days to activate your sim card. So just take patience and wait till the activation process completes.


Update: Many users are complaining that they have waited for more than 20 days and still they are unable to activate their Jio sim. So watchout of this downtime, I cannot say clearly how much you have to wait for full activation.


Buy Reliance Jio Sim Card Online, How?

I really don’t know where this question comes from. The perfect of this answer is No. You cannot buy Reliance Jio sim card online. Jio sim card is exclusively available on Reliance Digital Stores. If you want to buy a Reliance Jio sim the just download MyJio android app and check the local Reliance Digital Store near you on Online Map.


Read Here: How to Buy Reliance Jio Sim

My Jio Barcode Shows Redeemed. What can i do Now???

Those Who are suffered with that problem “My Jio barcode Shows Redeemed”. The Solution is You Should to complaint email to the Jio Care with Your Barcode Number and your Mobile Handset Model with IMEI No Yourname and Existing Mobile Number of your Mobile.They Will help You.

Email id: [email protected]


Also Try to Download Myjio App Old Apk From Here

May i generate 2 barcode on my mobile?

No, You cannot generate a 2 jio barcode for with a single mobile. Jio barcode is the one time process only for 4G mobiles. If you want to get the barcode again there is no way you just need to get new 4G mobile only   :)

What is Reliance Jio Sim Card Price?

Well as per latest information, Reliance Jio sim card comes free with LYF android mobiles. Well it actually doesn’t comes with the mobile package but you have to grab the same from your nearest Reliance Store. The price of the Jio sim card is rs.0 for all.

Can I Use My Activated Jio Sim on Other Devices?

Updated: No you cannot. Jio sim is IMEI bound so no matter what it will work on a single device. Jio sim work on the same device on which it was activated. But sometime its working on other devices too for some users.

Will Jio 4G Sim card Work on My 3G Mobile ?

In one word, No. If you have pre-activated Jio sim card then you cannot use this sim card on 3G devices. This is because Jio Telecom uses only 4G Signals so you will get only 4G coverage, Not 3G. The only limitation is that you some features will not work on non-VoLTE mobiles, Such as Video calls.

I have Lost My Jio Barcode, What To Do?

I recommend everyone to take screenshot of the generated Barcode. If due to any circumstances, you have lost your barcode then just Go to your Mobile Settings Application Manager ⇒ Installed Apps ⇒ MyJio ⇒ Clear app data. Now open MyJio app and You will get your barcode again.


Update: Go to your mobile Gallery Pictures You will get Jio Barcode. This code automatically saves on your galaxy when you generate code on MyJio app.

I have Generated The Barcode From Other Mobile, Can i Activate Sim in Other Mobile?

No you cannot. You have to activate the jio sim card from the same mobile where you have generated the barcode.

I Have Got Only 2GB Data on Reliance Preview Offer, Why?

This is because that unlimited data offer is only working on LYF handset. So if you have activated the Jio sim on any non-LYF mobile than you may get limited 4G data usage.


Update: If you have got only 2GB data then use all data data first. After that you will automatically receive “Welcome offer” i.e Unlimited 4G trial for 3 months. (4GB highspeed after that 128kpbs)

I Have a Samsung Phone, Which Phones are Eligible For This Offer?

You can find all eligible Reliance Jio Mobiles From Here. We have listed all handsets and their links to buy.

I Lost My Jio Sim, What Should I Do Now?



In this case, you have to lodge a complaint to the nearest police station and take a FIR copy of that. Now you have to call to Jio customer care number and tell them to deactivate your number immediately.


After that, go to your nearest Jio mini store and ask them to reissue your Jio Sim with same number. They will do the rest of the job.

Jio Mobile Network Showing No Tower Signals?


If your sim is already activated and your mobile showing no signals then you can follow below troubleshoot.

  1. Go to your Phone SettingsMore Network SettingsMobile Networks and Select 4G (UMTS/WCDMA) Mode in Preferred Network Settings.
  2. Now restart your mobile and you will see network signals.

If you are still not getting signals that means probably your area network is down for a while.

What is the Difference Between Blue and Orange Sim Pack?

The orange sim pack comes with free 4G welcome offer while Blue jio sim is for those customers who are porting to Jio. In short, if you port from another telecom to Jio, You will get Blue pack, else, Orange pack.  

How Many Jio Sim Can I Avail With One Aadhar Card?

My answer would be 6 Sim per aadhar card. If you already availed a sim of Jio and want another one then you can avail it. You will get complementary welcome offer on all sim card.

Main Question: After Using Jio Sim, Will It Block/Lock My Sim Slot Forever?

Many of my users are asking this question from PAST ONE MONTH. I don’t know from where this question came from. So my answer is “NO”, It won’t block your Sim Slot. This is just a Rumor.


People are just manipulating Jio as abnormal network but it is normal as your regular sim card. It won’t block your IMEI or anything.


The reason why Jio team is taking your IMEI is to provide their service to Limited 4G Mobile users. This will help them to prevent misuse of their free unlimited calling and internet service.

If you have more question related to Reliance Jio Sim Card Purchase, Ask Down Below

Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card: Most Frequently Asked Question FAQ Online
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1213 Comments on "Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card: Most Frequently Asked Question FAQ Online"


I have bought 2 jio SIM. But before buying I was not aware that it does not work on non 4G phones. I want to cancel it. I do not want 2 jio SIM cards running under my Aadhar card as I won’t be using them. Also i have no relatives to whom i wish to give the sim cards. What should I do? I have not yet inserted it in my phone.


why they are taking adhar card are they miss using our ids for their lack money


Why u are taking adhar card with thumb punching are they miss using our adhaar card for their black money

Rajesh Sarbajna

Dear Team,
This is a serious security issue of my phone barcode,I am jenerate barcode in my 4G phone,when phone sim collect,Jio agent saw my barcode,they said barcode already issued,but I have not taken any sim ,
Please how to rectify of this problem


Sir i bought second hand 4g mobile but on that jio sim card is issue so can i also issue jio card to that phone with my mobile number and aadhar card.


Can I use activated jio sim in tab Xperia z?

varun gowda

I have activated jio sim in my samsung handset and now im selling the handset and taking new phone would my old sim card would work in my new handset of differt brand..??


i bought new intex cloud S9 i was trying to generate JIO barcode but its not get generated yet..
plz help me how would i genarate it to avail JIO sim, or tell me another solution for this..
plz plz .. I want JIO sim


I have taken a jio sim from a retailer with submitting my native adhar card.now the sim is redeemed but still not activated .As I talk to the jio care ,they told me to resubmit the documents with filling the application form and when I visit to the jio store to submit the documents they strictly refused to accepting the application. Then where should I need to go to activate the sim.can I submit the application on-line or send the necessary documents through email.


Can I use again jio sim in 4G mobile


sir .jb se mai jio barcode generate kiya hu uske bad se mere dusre number pe internet nahi chal rha hai in the same phone.plz tell me how to solve.

amit kumar

accutly i have lost my jio simcard . so plz told me that how can i dactivate my jio sim card


They took thumb impressions 5 times and my aadhar card no but they gave me 3 jio simcards what happens to other 2 sims can this be mis used? these cards valid upto 31st December 2016 what happens after 31st


Can i get two jio sim from one lyf phone?


How many jio sim bringing in one barcode

Inayat Ali Khan

Sir I got 5 sim cards one for me , n another 4 sim cards for others with my aadhaar card and I heard that the data we are usage now, it’s take money in the future, it’s rumours r real

Sajad kp

My welcome offer expired on December 31,what I will do after this date

Preetam Singh Jamwal

I have got a jio welcome offer sim on my adhaar which is working. I havenow purchased a JIO Dongal and have procured another JIO sim for data on the same Adhaar number. Dopes this work if yes how long will it take to get activate this sim in dongal


I forgot my email id of jio, not the password but the Id. How would I know ? And without that I would not be able to log In .


Does JIO sim deactivates after roving from slot


Jio sim other mobile me 31December 2016 tak chalegi but lyf mobile mene liya h 15 November2016 ko ye sim free net calling kab tak chalegi plz fast rply…


I got the job barcode with 11 no codes but the jio sim giver are asking 15 digit code how will I get my jio sim now??


what is the need of the barcode present at the back of the blue sim pack?

amit yuvi

I lost my jio Sim.
I want to again jio Sim in same device.

Hridiranjan pahari

Can i kept jio sim in my mobile with my 2nd slot? My mobile is samsung A7 2016


How many more months Jio sim will provide us free data

Santosh Choudhary

I have a Yu Yureka Mobile, from a few days my device has looked & my lock Pin is not working & Msg showing

“This device has been locked by jiosecurity”

“device locked because sim card is missing”

does anybody suggest me what i do My No. 995848xxxx


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I have generated barcode 1 month ago… Will this barcode be valid to get jio sim.


Dear Pankaj Singh Sir,

I got a Jio sim and it was activated on the same day. I am using Let V dual sim phone. I removed the sim holder to insert another vodopone sim in the adjacent slot near Jio sim. But I switched on the mobile, vodophone signal detected. But the no signal for jio sim. But in the my jio app the message shows that the jio sim wile be activated soon. What should I do ? Should I wait for activation

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