Reliance Jio 4G Mobiles: Buy VoLTE LYF Handset Lowest Price Online

Presenting the best Reliance Jio 4G mobiles which comes with the brand name LYF. These mobiles are VoLTE enabled. Lyf handset are growing popularly from last 2 months because of the Reliance Jio unlimited data offer. As we have previously discussed about Reliance Jio 4G tariff and activation process. Today, we will be be showing you some excellent android smartphones from Reliance Jio which is worth every penny.

Reliance Jio 4g mobiles have some excellent features such as it comes with 2 Year manufacturing warranty with box. This warranty also applies to battery and accessories for 6 month. So no problem for next 2 years, isn’t it? All of the devices are 4G ready. Moreover you can enjoy fastest and free data usage for next 3 month. So buy any of these phones and enjoy the seamless network connection.

reliance jio 4g mobile handset

VoLTE Compatible Phones List

Brand NameModel No.Lowest PriceLinks To Buy
LYFFlame 8Rs. 4,199LYF
LYFFlame 1Rs. 4,240Flipkart
LYFFlame 2Rs. 4,500Snapdeal
LYFWind 6Rs. 5,413Amazon
LYFWind 5Rs. 5,999Flipkart
LYFWind 3Rs. 6,999Flipkart
LYFWind 1Rs. 7,350Amazon
LYFWind 2Rs. 8,299Flipkart
LYFWater 7Rs. 8,577Flipkart
LYFWater 11Rs. 8,590Flipkart
LYFWater 1Rs. 9,288Flipkart
LYFWater 8Rs. 9,530Flipkart
LYFWater 2Rs. 9,899Flipkart
LYFEarth 1Rs. 14,600Flipkart
LYFFlame LSRs. 14,799Flipkart
LYFEarth 2Rs. 19,999Amazon
IntexAqua 4G StrongRs. 3,899Flipkart
KarbonnAuraRs. 3,899Flipkart
XoloEra 4GRs. 4,444Amazon
KarbonnQuattro L45 IPSRs. 4,499Shopclues
IntexAqua RazeRs. 4,500Amazon
LavaA76Rs. 4,549Amazon
InfocusM370IRs. 4,777Snapdeal
InfocusM370Rs. 4,777Snapdeal
LavaA89Rs. 4,949 Flipkart
VideoconV45EDRs. 4,990Ebay
LavaA88Rs. 5,199Amazon
IntexAqua CrazeRs. 5,370Amazon
MicromaxYU Yunique
Rs. 5,636Snapdeal
KarbonnAura PowerRs. 5,799Ebay
IntexAqua SecureRs. 5,949Shopclues
LavaA72Rs. 5,999Flipkart
LavaA71Rs. 6,066Amazon
LavaX17Rs. 6,199Flipkart
MicromaxCanvas Amaze
Rs. 6,210Snapdeal
LavaX38Rs. 6,250Amazon
MotorolaMoto E 2nd GenRs. 6,490Ebay
IntexCloud StringRs. 6,499Flipkart
PanasonicEluga I2Rs. 6,690Amazon
LavaX11Rs. 6,749Snapdeal
IntexAqua Ace MiniRs. 6,749Amazon
CoolpadNote 3 (8676i02)Rs. 6,999Amazon
XiaomiRedmi 2 Prime
Rs. 6,999Amazon
LGSpirit 4G H442Rs. 7,099Amazon
MicromaxCanvas Mega 2
Rs. 7,154Amazon
MicromaxYu Yuphoria
Rs. 7,302Snapdeal
IntexAqua 4G PlusRs. 7,333Snapdeal
LavaX46Rs. 7,349Amazon
GIONEEP5LRs. 7,499Amazon
IntexAqua Shine 4GRs. 7,999Ebay
TCLTCL 560Rs. 7,999Amazon
LavaX50Rs. 7,999Flipkart
MicromaxCanvas Sliver 5
Rs. 8,390Snapdeal
VideoconKrypton 3
Rs. 8,399Shopclues
IntexAqua ViewRs. 8,399Flipkart
PanasonicEluga Icon 2Rs. 8,499Amazon
KarbonnQuattro L55 HDRs. 8,499Flipkart
LGK7Rs. 8,499Ebay
PanasonicEluga I3Rs. 8,799Shopclues
VideoconZ55 Krypton
Rs. 8,879Amazon
InfocusM680Rs. 8,999Amazon
IntexAqua Ace 2Rs. 8,999Flipkart
PanasonicEluga A2Rs. 9,100Flipkart
LGG4 Stylus 4GRs. 9,399Flipkart
InfocusM535Rs. 9,599Snaldeal
GIONEEF103Rs. 9,699Snapdeal
XiaomiRedmi Note 3
Rs. 9,999Amazon
PanasonicEluga ArcRs. 9,999Snapdeal
OPPOA37Rs. 11,558Amazon
LGK10Rs. 11,600Flipkart
GIONEEF103 proRs. 11,999Flipkart
InfocusM535+Rs. 11,999Infocus
MotorolaG4Rs. 12,499Amazon
MotorolaG turboRs. 12,499Flipkart
PanasonicEluga NoteRs. 12,900Amazon
LGX Screen (K500I)Rs. 12,990Snapdeal
MotorolaMoto G 3rd GenRs. 13,290Shopclues
MicromaxYu Note
Rs. 13,796Amazon
XiaomiMi MaxRs. 14,999MI
MotorolaG4 PlusRs. 14,999Amazon
OPPOF1Rs. 15,200Amazon
VivoV3Rs. 16,550Amazon
GIONEES PlusRs. 16,599Flipkart
LGK520 - Stylus 2Rs. 16,980Amazon
MotorolaMoto X PlayRs. 17,499Flipkart
SamsungGalaxy A5Rs. 18,760Amazon
LenovoVibe ShotRs. 18,784Snapdeal
GIONEEElife S6Rs. 18,990Amazon
SamsungGalaxy A7Rs. 19,990Amazon
VivoV3 MaxRs. 22,990Amazon
LGStylus 2 PlusRs. 23,800Amazon
XiaomiMi5Rs. 24,999Amazon
CoolpadMaxRs. 24,999Amazon
SamsungGalaxy A8Rs. 25,389Amazon
LGGoogle Nexus 5X
(LG -H791)
Rs. 25,990Flipkart
OPPOF1 PlusRs. 26,499Amazon
GIONEEM5 PlusRs. 26,999Amazon
OneplusOneplus 3Rs. 27,999Amazon
ZopoSpeed 8Rs. 29,999Amazon
SONYXperia Z5 Dual
Rs. 32,990Snapdeal
SamsungGalaxy S6Rs. 33,990Amazon
SamsungGalaxy Note 4Rs. 33,999Amazon
SamsungGalaxy S6 EdgeRs. 38,899Amazon
SamsungGalaxy Note 5Rs. 40,998Amazon
SamsungGalaxy Note EdgeRs. 41,506Amazon
SONYXperia X
Rs. 45,999Ebay
SamsungGalaxy Note 5 DuosRs. 46,990Amazon
SamsungGalaxy S7Rs. 48,900Amazon
SONYXperia Z5 Premium
Rs. 49,799Snapdeal
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge +Rs. 50,994Amazon
SamsungGalaxy S7 EdgeRs. 55,900Amazon
AppleiPhone 7Rs. 60,000Snapdeal
BlackBerryPriv (STV100-3)Rs. 60,490Snapdeal

Why Reliance Jio 4G Mobiles?

The answer is quite simple for us Indians, Unlimited Data. Well there is no doubt that you will be using unlimited 4G with Reliance Jio handset but you should have a LYF android mobile. That is why everyone is looking for LYF handsets which look very promising in performance and quality basis as i have one of these. These mobiles have very cheap price and pocket friendly too. You can get any LYF mobile with just rs.4,500. Lets check below for these handsets details.

Top Picked: Best 4G Smartphone Lowest Price in India

LYF 4G Handset From Amazon.in

These Reliance Jio 4G mobiles are available online on various websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal etc. So we searched for whole one day and found that its worth buying from amazon.in due to much less price.

Low Budget LYF 4G Mobiles

If you are looking for buying Lyf smartphone to access Reliance Jio 4G unlimited data then i will recommend you to buy any one of these smartphones below.

Buy @ Rs.3,555 Lowest Price Lyf Flame 6 Mobile From Snapdeal

*With Reliance Jio Unlimited Offer

  1. LYF Flame 2 @ Rs.4,500: Its a 4G LTE Smart Phone powered by Reliance Jio unlimited data offer. Its the lowest priced smartphone on the market.
  2. LYF Flame 1 @ Rs.4,944: This smartphone is powered by 4G VoLTE technology which is much faster than normal 4G bandwidth. In addition, its the second lowest price smartphone.
  3. LYF Flame 1 LS-4053 @ Rs.4,999: Low price mobile with 8 GB internal in-built memory with latest reliance offer.
  4. LYF Wind 6 @ Rs.5,999: Great smartphone with budgeted price. Great features also such as Quad Core 1.1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 210, RAM – 1GB 8 GB Internal ( Expandable -32GB) , Android Lollipop 5.1, Rear 5MP AF : Front – 5MP, 4G LTE .

Mid-Range LYF 4G Mobiles

  1. LYF Water 5 @ Rs.7,599: This is a highly featured device with cheap price tag. Such features include 13MP primary camera with touch focus, VoLTE (HD Voice and Video calls), 1280 x 720 pixels resolution and 294 ppi pixel density, 2 years manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase.
  2. LYF WIND 4 @ Rs.7,700: This mobile phone is limited to one person and has very great features. It has Qualcomm® SnapDragonTM 210 MSM8909 chipset which makes it smoother while processing.
  3. LYF Water 2 @ Rs.9,499: This is a mid range 4G smartphone which also comes with Reliance Jio 4G offer. It 13MP rear camera with auto focus, 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939 Octa-core processor, Adreno 405 GPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory expandable up to 32GB and dual nano SIM (4G with VoLTE+2G).
  4. Water 7 @ Rs.12,999: This is mid range and budget mobile with close features as high end devices. This is android powered mobile with cta-core 1.5GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, RAM – 2GB 16 GB Internal, (Expandable – 128 GB), Android Lollipop 5.1, Rear 5MP AF : Front – 2MP, 4G LTE

High-End LYF 4G Mobiles

If you want powerful featured Reliance 4G handset then you should not avoid these stylish devices.

  1. LYF Water 1 @ 13,842: This mobile is also limited for sale. This mobile has Android v5.1.1 Lollipop operating system with 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939 Octa-core processor, Adreno 405 GPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory expandable up to 32GB and dual SIM (4G with VoLTE+2G) Micro and Nano SIM.
  2. LYF Earth 2 @ Rs.19,499: This is one of the high end android handset which comes fully featured with Octa-core 1.5GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, RAM – 3GB 32 GB Internal (Expandable – 64GB), Android, Lollipop 5.1.1, Rear 13MP AF : Front – 13MP, 4G LTE. If you are looking for best quality LYF phone out there, then this is the best one to purchase.

Reliance Jio Plans



Top Trending/Selling LYF Handset This Week

From the last 1 week, these smartphones from Reliance are best selling. This is because of good specs and 2 year manufacturing warrantee.

  • LYF Wind 6
  • LYF Water 5

Buy Reliance Jio 4G Mobiles Online From Amazon

When it comes to trust on online shopping than you can’t miss amazon.in website. You can get your next Reliance Jio 4G mobile from amazon at the lowest price online. So pick any one reliance 4g handset from below.

This is our introductory post on Reliance Jio 4G mobiles. If you enjoyed reading, share the post with your friends. If you have seen any lower price than these mobiles, please comment below so that we can update the post.

Eligible Samsung VoLTE Devices For Reliance Jio Offer

S.NoModel No.Manufacture YearBuy Online
1Galaxy A52015, 2016BUY NOW
2Galaxy A72015, 2016BUY NOW
3Galaxy A82015, 2016BUY NOW
4Galaxy Note 42014, 2015, 2016BUY NOW
5Galaxy Note 52015, 2016BUY NOW
6Galaxy Note 5 Duos2015, 2016BUY NOW
7Galaxy Note Edge2014, 2015, 2016BUY NOW
8Galaxy S62015, 2016BUY NOW
9Galaxy S6 Edge2015, 2016BUY NOW
10Galaxy S6 Edge +2015, 2016BUY NOW
12Galaxy S72016BUY NOW
13Galaxy S7 Edge2016BUY NOW
Below are the list of Samsung Mobiles which are applicable for the unlimited Reliance Jio offer. I have also added the lowest price list of these mobiles.

Reliance Jio 4G Mobiles: Buy VoLTE LYF Handset Lowest Price Online
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I liked mobile low price and best handset reliance Jio 4g voLTE mobile


Whether cooled 3lite is ji welcome offer compatible? Please reply


I have Redmi Note 3 with 3 GB ram. Why am I not able to generate barcode with myjio app?
Plz help.

Gopinadhan. K

I would like port my number to Jio, is it possible?

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I bought jio lyf flame 8 online and jio sim in not available with it.
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Coupan is allready reedeemd.aisa kyo aa raha h…reply please


I have purchased LYF mobile online.Now how I will get SIM card from Reliance store is bar code necessary for LYF mobile.


Dazon coolpad 8245 to able relincejio simcard


Asus Zenfone Max (Black, 32 GB) (With Snapdragon 615) it is supports 4G network but unable to generate Barcode:(

himangshu das

my mobile is Samsung galaxy E7 now my mobile is applicable for jio pls reply


I am confused ?…. Some people says Portability is available and some says no.. May I know the reality?


Can I use Jio Sim in my Nokia Lumia 1320 Phone.. Its Windows 8.1 4G phone….Also, I understand that the Jio app is only for Android, so what about Windows user???? What is in certain areas 4G network is unavailable???? Will I be still able to make calls and use internet???

Kindly provide me with relevant answer to all my questions ASAP.

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I bought intex aqua fish 4g mobile.but not support myjio app.what can i do.please help

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I have a ZTE Balde Qlux Mobile. Though I installed my jio app, still i am not able get the sim offer. Is ZTE Balde Qlux Mobile not applicable for reliance jio sim…?


is asus zenfone5 is applicable for jio sim??


Apple 6 can support jio sim card offer


Hello..I have a query and my query is that j have Letv2 phone so reliance hii sim will work in this phone or not??

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jio reliance sim uses 3G mobile ,it is uses unlimited voice call and data pack.same as lye mobile


is asus zenfone 2 ze551ml is applicable for jio sim??


Xiaomi Redmond note 3
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This mob is compatible or not..

Kindly help mr

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jio make you fool only u have to buy they listed 4g mobile if u have 30000 rupees mobile 4g not support if u have jio mobile 2999 it will support only fooling bussiness to v people


I was in abroad from last 7 months after returning I have purchased K5 note as I was not aware of JIO SIM.
Can you please assist me that how can I use JIO SIM in my new cell phone.

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Hello..I have a query and my query is that j have Panasonic eluga phone so reliance hii sim will work in this phone or not??


I have got a active jio sim in my Samsung on5.but facing a problem can’t able to do voice call. Data uses are working…pls help


U need to tele verify…


I have Samsung Galaxy J2.i have only 2 gb offer in jio…can i get unlimited offer? ??plz anybody reply


Dont have the option “get jio sim” my phone is samsung galaxy s4

Shiva Kumar

And my mobile also meizu m2 mobile and it works in my phone or not reply soon

I Love Indians

Is this a joke or what? For getting free unlimited data for 3 months, you’re buying an unneeded phone costing more than 3K, meaning average 1k each month. Over-rated.


does iphone 5s work with jio?

Ankit Rawat

Does it work on Redmi 2 prime?


I have tried Jio sim in apple5c data uses are working but I cant able to do voice calls


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