Raja Rani Coupon Result for Lottery 25 April 2018 Full Details

This article is a guide to getting raja rani coupon and its result. Raja Rani is a lottery scheme organized only in Bihar, Bengal, and Jharkhand. To draw a coupon you have to buy one from nearby lottery shop. After buying a coupon, you can log in to the official site by providing vital information like your card number and pin number. Keep your card number and pin number confidential.

After login to the official site, you can check out the current status of your lottery ticket. If you are lucky, you can win a heavy price. You can easily own a coupon available in markets at different prices. The winning amount depends on the cost of your ticket.

You can check coupon draw time and date after providing information regarding your coupon number and pin number. The onepromocode team wishes you luck but if you are not that lucky you can again buy a coupon online. You can buy as many coupons as you want.

raja rani coupon result

How to buy a coupon?

You can buy a coupon card from your nearest registered lottery shop at a different price according to your taste. After buying one offline you can log in to the official site. There you can buy more tickets online by clicking on “Buy” option.

If you have any query or any question regarding your coupon code, you can get in contact with these following numbers:

  • 02065224446
  • 02024444468
  • 02064006490

You can also contact via email address: [email protected]

How to Login to Raja Rani Coupon?

Facing difficulties while login to the official site? I will help you how to resolve this problem. First of all, you need some basic information such as your card number (coupon number) and pin number. Enter these two values and click on “Login” you will be logged in to the official page.

rajarani coupon coupon

How to check coupon status?

You can check your coupon status on the official site or you can check the results on Dainik Jagran newspaper. Results of the same will be starting from 6th of November 2017 (Monday).

Vital Information

  • You will find other coupon options like Bulk coupons, Pointwise coupons, Loose coupons, Loose points wise coupons.
  • There are two categories two draw a ticket:
  • Other available options are:
    Buy: where you can buy more online lottery tickets
    Clear: After checking the status of one coupon, click on that button to clear
    Current coupon: Click on this option and you will get all the information about the current ticket
    More coupon: Here, you can see a number of coupons. Buy a lucky one!
    Cancel: If you wish to cancel or reset the options,  click on that button
    My coupon: After login to the official site, click on this option. It will automatically fetch all the information regarding your coupon. You can see it here.
  • Report: If you find any problem or faults in results or have any problem, you can click on that button and report your problem.

What is Coupon Draw Time?

Coupons are being drawn every hour. If you want to draw more lottery tickets a limited time will be provided to you. You have to draw a coupon at that given time. If you fail to do so, you have to wait until next session starts.

If you find this article informative or have any question or suggestion, you can drop your idea in comment box below. Our main motto is to provide you all related information for your convenience and easyness.


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