Paytm Loyalty Points: How to Earn and Full Offer Explanation

Paytm has recently introduced Loyalty points for its users. Basically paytm will draw more user engagement using their new Loyalty point strategy. Loyalty point is not a new concept as we have seen it on the various Financial institution. So let’s talk about what is Paytm Loyalty points and how to earn it.

So finally, paytm discontinues cashbacks. Paytm is replacing cashback with Loyalty point. The value of one loyalty points will be equal to one rupee. That means you will get free Loyalty points instead of cashback while shopping or transacting on paytm cross-platform. However, there will be a few disadvances of loyalty points that some users may not like.

Paytm loyalty is a great way to earn free reward however you cannot transfer it to your bank account. You can, however, use it on purchasing products on paytm mall or making any bill payments, mobile recharges. Secondly, it’s not transferable to other paytm wallet users. You can only transfer your regular wallet money to other users.

paytm free loyalty points

Starting from now, if you log into your paytm wallet, you can see wallet money as well as loyalty points in your passbook. Currently, the loyalty point system is inactive but it will be activated soon. So let us learn how can we earn these points.


Paytm Loyalty Points Details

1 Points1 Rupee
Applicable onPaytm Transaction

How to Earn Paytm Loyalty Points?

Like usual cashback, loyalty points can be earned in the same way. You can see free loyalty points that will be added to your wallet on buying various products and even on recharge, bill payments. However, we have to wait for the official confirmation of its activation.

paytm loyalty points

After getting free points, you can reuse it on buying products and recharges. To send any payments, you need to add money to your paytm wallet first and then you can transfer it later. But you are not allowed to do these tasks on points

  • It can’t withdraw to any bank account
  • It can’t be transferred to any other paytm users

This big step will help paytm to support their exclusive merchants by driving users transaction within paytm. This move is also useful for those who transact more using paytm.

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