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Hello everyone, Nowadays Patanjali Products and medicine are very popular among Indian consumers. Especially the Patanjali medicine, but now you don’t have to visit Patanjali stores to purchase the items. Finally, you can buy all products online with the lowest cost from online stores too. So in this post, I will help you to buy Patanjali products from the most trusted eCommerce site in India.

This post is made for those who are looking for full Patanjali products list. In addition, if you are looking for Patanjali offers then click on the link to explore all the trending deals.

The products are made up of the ayurved method which is started by Baba Ramdev. If I can give you healthy life tip then I would strongly suggest you do yoga every day and eat healthy food. So let’s check all the Patanjali Ayurved

patanjali products

Patanjali Products Full List

Patanjali Product NameQuantityRegular Price
Herbal Facial Foam60 gm₹ 60
Kesh Kanti Natural Hair Cleaner200 ml₹ 75
Superior Detergent Powder2 Kg₹ 128
Mogra Body Cleanser Soap75 gm₹ 25
Kajal Stick Black3 gm₹ 90
Atta Noodles60 gm₹ 10
Honey1 Kg₹ 600
Anti Wrinkle Cream50 gm₹ 150
Kesh Kanti Oil120 ml₹ 130
Neem Tulsi Face Wash60 gm₹ 45
Hair Damage Control100 gm₹ 60
Aloevera Gel60 ml₹ 40
Hair Conditioners Protein100 gm₹ 60
Hair Mask100 gm₹ 35
Borosafe Anticeptic Cream50 gm₹ 40
Kesh Kanti Shikakai Hair Cleaner200 ml₹ 80
Amla Hair Oil 100 ml₹ 40
Dant Kanti Medicated Dental Toothpaste100 gm₹ 45
Cows Ghee500 ml₹ 260
Anti-Bacterial Herbal Handwash250 gm₹ 55
Powder Vita500 gm₹ 205
Mustard Oil1 Ltr₹ 148
Super Dish Wash Bar175 gm₹ 10
Coriander Powder100 gm₹ 30
Red Chilli Powder200 gm₹ 50
Sabzi Masala Powder100 gm₹ 38
Chhole Masala Powder100 gm₹ 45
Amrit Rasayan500 gm₹ 85
Corn Flakes Mix250 gm₹ 85
Spice Chat Masala Powder100 gm₹ 38
Pachak Hing Peda100 gm₹ 35
Silver Basmati Polished Rice5 Kg₹ 700
Gold Basmati Polished Rice5 Kg₹ 500
Jam Pineapple500 gm₹ 70
Marie Biscuits50 gm₹ 12

Patanjali Health Care Products

Product NameQuantityRegular Price
Coconut Oil200 ml₹ 65
Aloevera Multani Mitti Face Pack60 g₹ 60
Special Chyawanprash1 Kg₹ 250
Almond Hair Oil100 ml₹ 50
Moisturizer Cream50 gm₹ 75
Tejus Body Lotion100 ml₹ 60
Apricot Face Scrub60 gm₹ 60
Popular Detergent Powder5 Kg₹ 225
Kesh Kanti Reetha Shampoo200 ml₹ 85
Crack Heal Cream50 gm₹ 60
Amla Murraba1 Kg₹ 120
Aloevera Neem Cucumber Face Pack60 gm₹ 60
Badam Pak500 gm₹ 250
Tejus Beauty Cream50 gm₹ 70

Patanjali Grocery & Gourmet Food Products

Product NameQuantityRegular Price
Shuddh Desi Ghee500 ml₹ 245
Bandhani Hing25 gm₹ 40
Mix Fruit Jam500 gm₹ 70
Amla Juice1 Ltr₹ 100
Aloevera Fibre Juice1 Ltr₹ 200
Tomato Ketchup500 gm₹ 70
Muesli Fruit and Nut200 gm₹ 90
Satavar Churna100 gm₹ 90
Chocos125 gm₹ 55
Pineapple Jam500 gm₹ 70
Tomato Oats200 gm₹ 59
Amla Pickle1 Kg₹ 95
Jal Jeera200 gm₹ 55
Lauki Amla Juice1 Ltr₹ 90
Guava Jam500 gm₹ 150
Bandhani Hing25 gm₹ 40

Benefits of Patanjali Products

Baba Ramdev has started the Patanjali brand to reproduce the ayurvedic products to all Indian consumers. So these products are very reliable and useful for great healthy life. Furthermore, I will point out some of the major benefits of Patanjali products.

  • 100% ayurvedic products
  • No added chemicals
  • Essential for healthy life
  • Mixture of Natural nutritious herbs

Patanjali Medicines

Product NameQuantityRegular Price
Arishta500 gm₹ 100
Asava270 gm₹ 55
Bhasma5 gm₹ 20
Churan100 gm₹ 60
Guggulu20 gm₹ 30
Kwath100 gm₹ 15
Oil100 ml₹ 60
Parpati/Ras20 gm₹ 35
Pishti5 gm₹ 15
Syrup10 gm₹ 30
Vati40 gm₹ 60
Packages for Diseases500 gms₹ 2,350

patanjali medicine

Important: Above listing of medicine is directly from the patanjali official website so you don’t have to worry about anything. You will get 100% genuine product from the official Patanjali store.


Patanjali medicine is the natural source of cure to the human body. Most noteworthy thing is that their medicine contains rich vitamins and rich minerals. It can be availed online with few clicks.

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Please let me know what you think about Patanjali products and also rate my post. I will join your conversation down in the comment box.

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