New Passport Rules in India 2018: All You Need to Know

The government has announced new passport rules. The birth certificate was the main part of the procedure but now it will not be necessary to give a birth certificate to make a passport. As a proof of the date of birth, the government has eliminated the mandatory requirement of the birth certificate.

In the passport application, people will have to write the name of any one of their parent, either mother’s or father’s name instead of writing both the names. These rules have been made for Single Mother / Single Parents. Apart from this, Sadhus and Saints will now be able to write the names of their spiritual gurus instead of their parents’ names.

Also, there are many new rules, let’s take a look at these new rules.

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new passport rules india 2017

New Passport Rules

  1. According to the news agency, Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh said on November 24, 2017 (Friday): “While applying for the passport, transfer/school leaving / matriculation certificate, PAN card or Aadhaar card / e-Aadhaar as proof of date of birth will be given.”
  2. Apart from these, a copy of the service records of the applicant, driving license, Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) and LIC Policy Bond has also been given the valid document status for the DOB’s proof.
  3. VK Singh added that new rules have also been provisioned for Government Servants who have not received “No Objection Certificate” from their departments/ministries.
  4. Singh said, “The birth certificate issued by any other authority authorized under the Registrar of Births and Deaths, Municipal Corporations or Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969, will also be given as DOB-proof.”

Under the existing provisions of Passport Rules 1980, it was mandatory to give the birth certificate as DOB-proof for all applicants born after January 26, 1989.

Documentation for Proof of Birth

  1. Birth certificate issued by the Registrar of births and deaths or the Municipal Corporation or any other approved authority to register the birth.
  2. Transfer/ School leaving certificate/ Matriculation certificate issued by the school or recognized educational board
  3. A copy of the service records of the applicant or the pay pension order (retired government employees)
  4. Driving license
  5. Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC)
  6. LIC Policy Bond issued by the public life insurance companies
  7. PAN card
  8. Aadhaar/ E-aadhaar
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Provision for Married/ Divorced Person

new passport rules

  1. Marriage certificate or annexure ‘K’ will not be required to give for married people.
  2. Also, in case of a divorce, the divorced applicant will not have to give their spouse name.
  3. Those who are born without marriage will have to give Annexure ‘G’ only. Parents will have to give affidavit on a plain paper for adopted children.
  4. For orphan children, if the matriculation certificates or court certificates are not available then writing on their official letterhead by the head of the orphanage will be considered as DOB proof.

Provision for Government Servants

  1. Government Servants, who have not been able to obtain identity certificates/ no-objection certificates from their departments/ministries/ employers, now have to give a self-declaration letter.

 They have to mention that they have given information to their employer before applying for an ordinary passport.

Provision for Sadhus and Saints (monks and ascetics)

  1. The government has also approved a demand for monks and ascetics. Now they will be able to write their Guru’s name instead of their parents’.
  2. But they have to give at least one document out of Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC), PAN Card or Aadhar Card
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  1. The number of annexures for a passport has also been reduced from 15 to 9.
  2. Now, people will not need to give any Annexure as a notary or a Verifiable Affidavit of Judicial Magistrate. Printing an attachment on a plain paper will also work.
  3. Annexes A, C, D, E, J, and K have been removed and some of them have also been merged

Urgent Passports

If, in the case of an immediate passport, if a government employee is not able to purchase NOC or identity certificate from his employer, he can submit a self-declaration that he has given a pre-notice letter to his employer that he is applying for a passport to the issuing authority.

In addition, although all annexes required the prior certification of a magistrate/executive magistrate/ first class magistrate, in future, all these annexes can now be in the form of a self-declaration by the applicant on plain paper.

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