Netflix India: Unlimited Free Subscription Trick Without Credit Card

Netflix is recently launched in India. So we have an unlimited free subscription for Netflix India. This trick doesn’t required your physical credit card at all. This trick is updated first on net by opc team and we hope that this post will be really helpful to you guys.

This unlimited free subscription trial is really helpful for those who don’t have credit card option. So we will use a virtual credit card so which will be accepted by Netflix India. We will be providing a clear step-by-step guide so that you can enjoy your movies on Netflix India.


Netflix India Free Subscription Without Credit Card

Honestly, everyone needs everything for free. That’s why Netflix India provides a free trial period for their members just to try their services. This free trial subscription will be valid for 1 month. Netflix won’t charge you a penny although the free subscription requires your credit card. Since the main problem is a credit card for many users, they really don’t have one.

In the next few lines i will be guiding you a simple trick. In addition you can get Netflix India unlimited subscription for free. So lets start the tutorial of this trick.

10 Steps To Get Unlimited Netflix Premium Accounts

1) Download Digipurse Android App: The first step is to download Digipurse app from the android playstore. You may see bad reviews for the app but trust me this app is straight from the Union Bank of India.

2) Create an Account on Digipurse: The next step is to create a free account for your digipurse app. This requires only your mobile number. NoteMake sure your mobile is unrooted otherwise app won’t start.

3) Add Money to Your Digipurse Wallet: Time to fill your digipurse wallet with minimum of rs.500, if you are new user. You can either add from your bank account or ask any digipurse user to send you the cash. Otherwise you can fill your wallet with rs.100 only. It will take take 24 hours to update your balance.

4) Collect Virtual Credit Card: Many of your may know that digipurse gives you virtual card on the app. Just click on View Card button on from the app. This card can be used as a credit card even for making online payment outside India. You can use it on Facebook, Google Playstore and many other leading eCommerce websites.

5) Create Free Netflix Account: Next step is to click on netflix india link and create a free account. Just enter your email address and set a new password. Click on the regsiter button and proceed further. Image showing the page scenario.


6) Select your Subscription Pack: By default you will be getting Basic subscription pack. So click on edit and select Premium Pack. Basically you will get extra benefits on premium package over basic package such as HD, 4K streaming and more. In addition, your first monthly rental will still be rs.0 only.

7) Enter Virtual Credit Card Details: Now simply use your digipurse credit card 16 digits number, expiration date, your name on card and cvv number. Click on the terms & condition agreement and hit Start Membership button.

8) Balance charging and Refunding: In the next step your digipurse account will be charged at random account and all the amount will be refunded within few minutes. This is because of the validation of your card details.

9) Unlimited Netflix Subscription: Cancel your one month trial before its expiration date and repeat the whole process again using another Netflix account. This process can be used twice, thrice and you can simultaneously use multiple premium Netflix india accounts.

10) Transfer your Balance to Bank: The money stored on your digipurse app can be sent back to your bank account. There will be no transaction charges and all

What is Netflix?

If you don’t know this giant, Its a world’s largest movie and TV shows streaming network. With the 81 millions subscribers worldwide, Netflix is now jumped into Indian digital market. Every day 125 million hours of tv and movies have been watching on Netflix. Watch anytime, anywhere and as much as you want on nearly any internet connected screen. Netflix provides break-free & ads-free streaming of latest movies and TV shows for free. Source Netflix

If you have good internet connection wants to save your money for buying movie DVDs. Just use Netflix to stream thousands of movies on the go. You can watch on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet. No advertisement / commercials during the watch time and play, pause streaming anytime you want.

Final Verdict About Netflix India Services

Netflix is very popular service for online movie streaming. In our test, you must require a minimum internet connection of 1 Mbps for SD streaming and 4 Mbps for HD streaming. So if you like their services you can pay as low as rs.500 per month for basic subscription and a maximum of rs.800 for premium subscription. Of-course you will also get first month free with your subscription.

So guys hope you have enjoyed reading our post. We will bring you some more cool trick this month. Stay tuned with us.

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