My Jio App: Free Download Apk For PC, Login to Recharge Now

I present you the latest my jio app to recharge your Jio number. Not only this i have provided a direct apk link which can be downloaded on your PC computer. My jio app is a all in one app that can handle various tasks such as.

If you are new or existing customer of Jio then its very necessary to download My Jio app on your phone. Without it, you can’t even manage your number easily. Its same as my vodafone app that helps you to track your bills, payments instantly.

Beside this, My jio app can help you to download all reliance digital apps. Apps such as Jio TV and Jio 4G Voice app can be downloaded from this app. In addition, you can recharge your mobile number, login to your account to manage it as well as use it from your android or desktop.

My Jio App Information

Requires Android 5.0 and up
App Apk Size 27MB
Current Version 6.0.09
Installs 100,000,000+
Updated February 24, 2020
Offered By Reliance Corporate IT Park Limited

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Download My Jio App For Free from Playstore

This app can be downloaded from Google playstore app, if you are an android smartphone users. This app has a good 4.4 star ratings and updates in every few week. So follow below process

  1. First of all, use google chrome or any standard android browser
  2. Now its time to Visit this google playstore link of My Jio app
  3. Your mobile will redirect, you to app installation page
  4. Click the install button and your app will start downloading
  5. Finally your download will be completed and you can now use the app
  6. You can periodically update the app for free from playstore
  7. You can uninstall the app when you are not using Jio SIM.

How To Download Myjio App on PC with Windows 7, XP and 10?

If you don’t have smartphone yet and you are using your Jio sim maybe in Jiofi, follow this method. This method will help you to download My jio app on any PC which has Windows 7, XP as well as 10 operating system. Please note that you must have 2GB of RAM to run the app smoothly on your desktop or laptop.

Luckily we have some android Emulator software that can run any android app on it. Such software are mostly free as well probably paid. So of course i will recommend some free that can run My jio app on your PC.

Before proceeding further, you need atleast 1GB of internet data to download some stuffs. So follow below method to successfully run app on your PC.

  1. Download the internet download manager and install it on your desktop
  2. Now visit android emulator bluestacks downloading link on your windows PC
  3. The software will size approximately 320 MB and it will take few minutes to download
  4. Install the Bluestack and select my jio apk which i have explained below
  5. Now you are good to go and now its time to login to your account
  6. Make sure you don’t click on “Signin with SIM” as SIM Card is required
  7. Alternatively, click signin using your jio customer ID and password

How to Login in Your Jio Account?

Well, first of all, you need to signup to create a Jio ID. For this, you can use My jio app. You can read this post to check how to signup on jio. When you signup then its very easy to login back to jio with your customer ID. So there are two methods to do this.

  • Login From Website
  • Login From your MyJio App

And Login With Your Website

  1. Visit the URL to sign in with your customer ID on
  2. So email ID required for very first login, so you need to register one
  3. Instead of licking signing, click on signup button and proceed next
  4. You will receive an OPT to Activate your online Account
  5. Fill your registered email ID and passwords correctly
  6. If you enter wrong ID or password you will get error
    “Jio ID and password do not match. Please re-enter and try again.”
  7. Now at the end, after login, you can now manage your account easily.

Login Using My Jio App

  1. Launch my jio app and tap “open” from the menu
  2. Now here is the crucial part, since there are three options you need to choose one
  3. If you have inserted Jio SIM on your phone then select “sign in with SIM” for automatic login
  4. Furthermore, select “Sign in” and manually enter mobile (customer id) and password
  5. Now you are good to go and finally you can follow the recharge guide on your number.

How To Recharge Your Jio Number?

Recharge your number is pretty simple using My jio application. Just to clarify, i have made a separate post on Jio online recharge so that you can get exclusive discounted as well as cashback offer.

  1. So, login to your jio account first as i have explained above
  2. Now on your account dashboard, you will see many recharge options
  3. Pick the best recharge you like and tap “Buy” button from below
  4. Now, you will be redirected to payment page on the app
  5. Finally, select your preferred method to complete the amount
  6. As a result, your recharge will be done instantly

Eventually, you can recharge your multiple number from the same app. You don’t need to download a separate app for separate number at all.

Link to Download the Latest Apk Version

I you need my jio apk for some reason, for example if you want to save it as backup then i have added a link for you. You can directly download my jio apk from this link. When you download in your computer, next step to do is to transfer it back you your mobile. You can use USB cable to transfer this file back to your mobile. Alternatively, you can run this app on your PC. For this, you need to read above guide.

My Jio App’s Features

  • Install all Jio apps from it
  • Request and Get Jio SIM
  • Track Real time data usage
  • Manage your account
  • Use to Recharge your Jio number
  • Check your mobile number
  • Track your call summary, SMS, validity
  • View your Active plans
  • Contact Jio easily with Jio care
  • Find Jiofi hotspot near you.
  • Set DND (do not disturb) service off and on anytime
  • Locate my phone service
  • Manage multiple devices

First of all, i will tell you a bit difference between your Jio and other telecom operators. You see, Jio is a 4G only network that means you can’t Jio services on your 3G handset at all. Adding to it, other network has 2G, 3G networks too while jio is currently focusing only on 4G.

So the way you check your mobile balance, SIM number, track internet data usage as well as active offers is entirely different. That is why you have My Jio app to check everything in just few tap.

Locate My Phone After Lost

I also really like the locate my phone feature on the app. Basically if you have lost your phone but it has connectivity with your Jio SIM then you can find it by visiting Jio Security app. This is an inbuilt app which link u with your jio account to tell the precise location of your address. By this help, you can easily locate your device, even if you lost it.

Track Your Monthly Billing Statements


Yes, its really necessary to track your monthly bill statements. Just select the date range within last 180 days. This will reduce your invalid data balance deduction. To do this, you can select the date range from your app and finally see the results you want to check.


You can also see, what jio plan is currently active on your number. You can track this 24×7 without using USSD codes at all. Just open your app and go to my statements to check wider view of your usage.

What is My Jio Customer ID?

Basically, My jio customer ID is a authentication of your personal credentials. Jio customer ID included Email or mobile number. So if you read Jio ID somewhere it means that you need to put either your mobile number or your registered email ID.


To Register an Email ID with your number, Just click my profile from the menu. After that click email to add or remove any new email as described in above screenshot.

Contact Jio Care for Any Issue

If you are having issue either using 4G Network connectivity problem, balance deduction or to know any infomation about new plans. You can always reach to executives in few tap. For you knowledge, Jio provides free toll free helpline support, email,  chat as well as service request. So even if your area doesn’t have Jio signals yet, you can request one on your area with your pincode.


They have dedicated FAQ page for quick guide. If you want to find the solution faster, i will recommend you checkout the frequently asked page of Jio.

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