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Hello everyone, once again Jio has launched another plan i.e Jio prime membership. I have collected all the depth details about this plan so that you can fairly understand this plan properly. I know that many users may find it tricky to extract the exact information of this membership.

jio prime membership last date extended

Jio Prime Mebership Last Date Extended

Good news for everyone: Reliance has recently confirmed that Jio Prime membership last date has been extended to 15th of April 2017. For example, if you were unable to join Jio membership then you have more days to do it. You can now get Jio Prime benefits upto 15th of April. There will be no extra cost for another 15 days. However after that you need to recharge with any plan.

So if you think that your Jio will stop on 1st April, then it will not. You can continue to use SIM till 15th of April.

Jio Offer Extended to Three Months

India’s largest 4G  Network is now expanding the unlimited plan to 30th June 2017. It means that you can enjoy unlimited callings, Internet and app usage free for next 3 months without paying any single charge. I think many people will like this new plan from Jio.

I have Already Recharge with Jio Prime, Whats my Benefit?

So if you have registered with prime membership and recharge with rs.303 the do not worry. You are not loosing anything. The best thing is that, your plan will start from 1st of July 2017. Till then everything will cost you zero charges.

What is Jio Prime Membership Last Date?

The new membership date is 15th April 2017. That means finally you have another few days to make Jio online recharge. This was done because most of the users haven’t recharged with prime. So finally, you can avail the prime membership.

What is Major Difference Between Jio-Prime and Jio non-Prime?

Well the major difference is internet data usage. Non-prime user will get free calls, sms, app usage, roaming but limited internet data but Jio-prime registered user will get same benefits with extra or unlimited data. So if you are a internet freak, i would recommend you to go for Jio-Prime.

Jio New Plans for Prime Prepaid

Plan Price4G DataValidityFree SMS
JIO RC190.15GB1 Day20
JIO RC521.05GB7 Days70
JIO RC982.1GB14 days140
JIO RC14928GB* (1GB/Day)28 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC19842GB* (1.5GB/Day)28 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC29956GB* (2GB/Day)28 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC34970GB* (1GB/Day)70 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC398105GB* (1.5GB/Day)70 DaydUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC39984GB* (1GB/Day)84 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC448126GB* (1.5GB/Day)84 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC44991GB* (1GB/Day)91 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC498136GB* (1.5GB/Day)91 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC50984GB* (3GB/Day)28 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC799140GB* (5GB/Day)28 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC99960GB*90 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC1999125GB*180 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC4999350GB*360 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)
JIO RC9999750GB*360 DaysUnlimited (100 SMS/day)


Full Details of Jio Prime Membership?

Well, basically Jio prime membership will allow you to enjoy “Jio Happy New Year Offer” till 15th April 2018. In addition, you have to pay for an extra plan which will cost you rs.303 per month from after 1st April 2017.

Jio Prime Member is actually not a plan but a subscription fee. The main plan you need to buy along with this will be started from rs.303 to higher amount.

The Membership fee for Jio Prime is a one time process but the plan price of rs.303 will be recurring every month. So i believe that you may know understand about Jio Prime Membership. Lets talk about its benefits on the upcoming lines.

What are the Benefits of Jio Prime Membership ?

Please note that below benefits will only given after recharge with rs.303 Jio plan.

  • You will be eligible for Jio Happy New Year Offer with a validity of 1 year.
  • Jio will credited 1 GB of 4G data daily on your account every month.
  • Free access to all Jio premium apps like, Jio TV, Jio Music, Jio Magazine etc
  • Unlimited outgoing, roaming calls for free with a validity of 1 month.
  • You can send as many SMS you want to send every month

Must Read Terms of Jio Prime?

You can avail the Jio subscription until 31st of March 2017. After that you can only avail the existing plans of Jio which will have limited benefits on it. So if you want unlimited benefits like right now, you need to avail Jio Prime Membership for rs.99.

What if Don’t Activate Jio Prime?

No worries, you can skip Jio Prime Membership and continue to get Jio service for only incoming calls and SMS for 90 days without recharging. However, i will strongly recommend you to get this membership, because it allows to access unlimited benefits again. Normal plans can only give you limited benefits like 1GB data for whole month, but Jio Prime Membership will give you everything unlimited like you are getting right now.

Difference Between Jio Prime & Jio Non-Prime

RemarksPrime UserNon-Prime User
Recharge ValueRs.99 + Rs.303Rs.0 + Any Recharge
Data28GB Monthly
1GB Daily
Limited Per Plan
RoamingFree IncomingFree Incoming
Text SMSFree EverydayFree Everyday
Premium AppFull AccessFull Access
Monthly RentalStaring Rs.303Starting Rs.19
Note: (*) Denotes 1GB Data everyday with True 4G Speed and rest of the unlimited data at 16 KBps speed.


Jio Prepaid Plans

Pack PricePrime BenefitNon-Prime Benefit
Rs.19200MB Data
100 SMS
Validity 1 Day
100MB Data
100 SMS
Validity 1 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 3 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 3 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 7 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 7 Day
100 SMS
Validity 28 Day
100 SMS
Validity 28 Day
Rs.30328GB (1GB/Day)
Unlimited SMS
Validity 28 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 28 Day
Rs.49956GB (2GB/Day)
Unlimited SMS
Validity 28 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 28 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 60 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 60 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 90 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 90 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 180 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 180 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 360 Day
Unlimited SMS
Validity 360 Day
All plans have unlimited calling + app usage benefit for Ffee.


Here is new Jio Money Offer on recharge. You can get rs.50 cashback on rs.99 Jio Prime Registrations. In addition, you can get rs.50 cashback on first 5 recharges of rs.303 or above. Avail the offer from above link because its valid for limited time period.

Full Procedure To Avail Membership

To get the membership you need to follow the steps carefully especially if you don’t usually do online transaction. So lets follow the steps one by one

  1. First of all visit this link using your mobile or desktop/laptop
  2. After then the Jio official website will ask you to enter your mobile number
    jio prime mobile number
  3. Input your mobile number correctly and then click submit.
  4. Furthermore, you need to select (+) button to expand Jio Membership
    jio prime plan
  5. Now after selecting it, Finally click on “Get Jio Prime” button as shown bellow.
    jio prime process
  6. The page will redirect you on Billdesk payment page where you need to select payment mode.
    jio prime payments
  7. As per my preference, i have selected Net banking method and paid the amount.
  8. You will see a success page at the end and your booking ID code on the same page (screenshot posted below)
  9. In addition, you will also receive a SMS on your jio number that your prime membership is now confirmed.
    jio prime activation sms
  10. So, finally you don’t need to worry about Jio number deactivation anymore.

Success Message on Registration Completion

You will get this confirmation at the end of process. This mean that you can now enjoy unlimited service for 1 year by paying only rs.303 per month.

jio prime booking id completed

How to Avail Offer with Myjio App?

prime myjio app

To avail the offer using my jio app is so simple and effective as above. When you open the app you will proabably see a popup box which also notify you about the Jio prime update. So they make sure that you are aware of the membership details. All required example screenshot is listed below so just follow the upcoming steps

  1. Open your myjio app and you will get the offer popup, just click cross button on top.
    prime plan offer
  2. Now simply let the app login you automatically or using your password and ID manually.
  3. Now you have to tap “Recharge” button on bottom left screen.
    prime recharge
  4. After that, myjio app will show you “Prime offer” just tap on “rs.99” button
    prime membership on app
  5. Finally you have to pay the amount as shown above.

What is Non-Prime Members Benefit?

Well, non-prime users have freedom to choose any plan they want. No need to spend rs.303 every month. You will get free calls, app usage and SMS for free but you need to pay additionally for internet. It is upto use to chose any internet plan as per your preference. I have made a list of internet plans below for Prime as well as non-Prime members, so please have a look.

Is this Necessary to Recharge with Rs.303 or Above?

If you are already a member of Jio Prime then it is not necessary to recharge rs.303 plan. You can go for lower plans like rs.19 or rs.49. The only difference between these plans and rs.303 plan is unlimited 4G internet data. However calls, SMS and apps usage will remain unlimited on any plan.

So guys, if you do have any other questions regarding the article then you can ask me down the comment box. I will try to answer your question as fast as possible.


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