Jio iPhone Offer: 1 Year Plan For Free Calling, 4G #iPhoneOnJio

Reliance has recently added a new Jio iPhone offer to their plan segment. This is really a eye catching offer for every iPhone consumer in India.

You probably know that Apple has recently launching its iPhone 7 mobile in India. So in order to increase its reach to the customer they collaborate with Reliance. I think this is the best time to execute such strategy.

Jio is currently India’s most demanding telecom network. What makes it different is its free service, which is know as “Welcome offer”. So first lets take a look on the benefits you will get for 1 year.

This Offer Maybe Not For You: Many users may assume that this offer will be featured for all iPhone user but no. There are some limitation, especially relevant to Your Location. Please scroll below for that

jio iphone offer

Jio iPhone Offer

Offer NameBenefits
Free VoiceFor 1 year
4G Data20 GB + UL Night
JioNet Wifi40 GB
ISD minutes30 mins
Jio AppsWorth rs.1500

Full Plan: iPhone Jio Offer’s Benefits

Lets talk about iPhone Jio Offer’s benefit first. If you are already have an Apple iPhone user than i can assume how much you are interested in this offer.

Jio has not limited this offer for only iPhone 7 but for top level series of previous iPhone. So first of all i would like to tell you which handset is going to receive this 1 year offer.

Important: This offer will come into existence from 1st of January 2017 and will valid till end of December 2017.

  1. Offer is For Limited Location

    This can be a bad news for most of my visitors. As some of you may not know that this offer is only aplicable to Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru only. If you live outsite these cities then this offer is probably not for you.

  2. Free Local/ STD/ Roaming Calling + 50 Min ISD

    Well, No doubt..!! You will receive free calls benefits to all over India. No matter what, you can call to STD, Local and even from Roaming. You will be credited extra 50 minutes to make ISD calling to any country. There is no hidden terms so no need to spend money on Reliance jio recharge.

  3. 20GB 4G Data + Unlimited Night 4G + 40GB Hotspot Sharing

    Okay, the offer is great in terms of calling but there is some limitation on internet Usage. You will be eligible to use a total of 20GB bundle data for 1 year. Furthermore, you will get unlimited 4G internet only in night hours (probably from midnight 12AM to 6AM morning). Not only this, you can share additional 40GB of date with your buddies using Jio WIFI hotspot technology.

  4. Send Unlimited SMS to India

    You will be given the power to send unlimited SMS till the end of the 2017. However, as per TRIA rules, seems like you can send almost upto 100 text SMS per day.

  5. Get Rs.15000 Worth Reliance Retail Coupons

    most noteworthy thing is that you will be provided a coupon worth rs.15,000 to shop on your nearest Reliance Retail offline store. You will also get 10% discount on your secodn purchase form the retail store.

  6. Get Rs.15000 Worth Reliance Retail Coupons


Eligible iPhone For 1 Year Jio Offer

Below is the list of eligible list. This list is officially declared by Jio, So take a look…

  • iPhone 7 ( 32GB, 64GB, 128GB) Model
  • iPhone 7 + (Plus)
  • iPhone 6s and 6s + (Plus)
  • iPhone 6 and 6 + (Plus)
  • iPhone SE (Special Edition)

So if you have any device which i have mentioned above the scroll down below where i will tell you how to avail this offer.

If you don’t have iPhone then i have a another great new for you guys. On this, you get same iPhone offer for 1 year with few extra benefits.

Introduction to #iPhoneOnJio Offer

The offer is officially named as #iPhoneOnJio so watch the introductory video below.

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LYF Mobile Also Gets 1 Year Jio Offer

So, I know that everyone can’t afford an iPhone ( even i can’t) but no worries. If you can only spend just approximately Rs.4,000 one time then you can avail the same benefits for 1 year. You will get below benefits for sure.

  • Free calling for 1 year ( till 31 December 2017).
  • Unlimited 4G for year ( no restrictions )
  • Free national SMS ( works even on roaming)
  • Free incoming in national roaming

I have also added full list of lowest price LYF mobile. You can grab any handset and enjoy the digital life. 

Procedure To Avail iPhone Offer

Ok, so here comes the interesting part. You may think that there will be some special procedure to get avail this offer but no. The procedure to the SIM is same as regular process.


The main reason for that is “Reliance will pull the IMEI number series of your iPhone and you will be given reliance Digital LIFE offer automatically after first of January onward“.


However, If you have fulfilled all the requirements i have mentioned above then read “how to get jio sim“. This article will help you to get the sim card. In addition, ask me any question if you found it difficult to get a Jio sim. 

Finally, If you have any trouble using Jio service the read top Jio Online Questions and Answers and let me know what problem are you facing. I will try to help you.

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I already have a Jio sim and I am using this on my iPhone 6 64gb model from one week . After my welcome offer expires in January, how do I avail the iPhone offer ?


Im using iphone 6 but no warranty now … after 2016 … jio free 1 yr net available for me ?? Pls reply


This i phone will work only with jio sim we can use it with any other simcard also
Is there anay unlock we have to do for i phone to use another company sim card???


Can iphone 5 and 5s wil become comaptable with jio ??

Hello ashu.. thanx for visitig our site.. Yes, jio is enabled in Iphone 5s.


jio is enabled for iphone 5s but will the calling restriction is solved after being paid costumer from 1 april 2017


I purchased an i phone SE in June 2016 while in USA and I am using a BSNL 3G sim. I wish to port to Jio. I am unable to get the bar code even though I have tried so many times. Does the i phone SE purchased in USA support JIO?


I am using i phone 6s from last 3 months.can I get Jio offer up to 1 year.pls reply fast brothers.

Aanchal Bansal

Is Welcome offer on iphone 6s till DEC 2017 is available to Chandigarh residents?


hey can i use the iphone 6s jio offer sim in any other phone


i am using iPhone 6 mobile from last one year , at now can i avail this iPhone offer


Hi I have the Jio sim with iPhone offer can I use it in Jio fi . If yes , please enlist the steps. The sim is activated in iPhone 6 but I want to use my old sim there and have Jio fi 2 . So thought to use it with joining . Thank you in advance

Sudhir Kumar Singh

Is it necessary to recharge Rs 99 for jio-iphone one year offer


Guys i bought iphone 7 plus in dubai ….jio sim will work in that phone or not ?????


Hey, the video at 1:38 time says, Jio along with Apple will be offering a 25% discount on all the new Apple devices with this plan.. Is is true and how to avail this discount of 25%?

Madhav Mundhra

Hello I purchase a iPhone 7 from us can I enjoy this offer??


can i buy sim from noida and use it in lucknow ?????????????


I hv 6s plus purchased from japan.. Will dis offer b applicable on it nd in punjab??


I am using iphone 6Plus and I stay in banglore…but on weekends I will not be there in banglore can I use thiss outside banglore as well or how it is?

Yash bhardwaj

I didn’t get 1 year offer.it showing only till 31 dec 2016. I bought my 7 plus recently and get jio sim also. From delhi


Visitor Rating: 3 Stars


Residing at Beed, Maharashtra
iPhone 7
is me eligible fr “Jio iPhone offer”


What if i already have the jio sim ? Which is inserted in the iphone 7 128 Gb ?

apple jio

give me your iphone 7 emei


Hi !
A’m an iphone 6 user at Cochin. Can I enjoi 1 year offer here @ Cochin/ Kerala ?


Visitor Rating: 5 Stars


I got an iPhone 7 from Flipkart, I downloaded the my Jio app, but no option to get generate the code, how to get the sim?


Hey bro! I was searching the same yesterday… actually .. I again uninstalled it.. then installed.. the very first thing after installation is to wait and check where it is written ” get sim” .. it will be written in very small letters.. just click it.. and u r done


I have bought iphone 6s plus on 29 thoct 2016 from amazon .can i get this jio offer if yes then what i have to do?


Not true!! The replies here. You need to get the code from the Apple Store wen u purchase a new iPhone, take that code to the reliance store n get ur new sim along with the #iphoneonjio offer. By Default you do not get this offer if u have an iPhone & Jio sim.


Can I buy iPhone in dubay

Iqbal Sekhon

Hey ! I already have an iPhone SE and a Jio sim. Will the offer be renewed automatically or do i have to undergo some other process? I am from Ludhiana actually.


I have bought iphone7 from from paytm on 07/10/16.
1) Can I avail this offer?
2) If Yes, will i get the normal welcome offer till DEC-2016 before the iphone7 offer gets activated?


I have bought iphone 7 on 18 oct 2017 from paytm.can i get this jio offer if yes then what i have to do?