Jio Fiber Preview Offer, Apply Online Welcome Plans: Home Broadband Locations

Reliance Jio is really increasing the sector of connectivity in India. In addition, here is another mind blowing Jio Fiber Preview offer from Reliance itself. This preview offer will provide Free Home broadband service to various location across selected states in India. This plan is ready to apply online on those cities.

As the competition is going neck to neck, Jio is keep surprising consumer with freebie offers. Not only this, jio previously provided Preview offer for Jio SIM card users too. However this time for broadband customer, Jio has announce the most awaited news. In addition, Jio broadband plans are already rolled out.

Jio is all set to jiggle the broadband industry by introducing its high speed Fiber Technology service in selected cities. In the beginning, Jio will offer free 90 days service to the users. Jio had already started its testing of Fiber broadband Technology back in March 2017. Now Jio has officially confirmed the launch of this Fiber broadband and further claiming that this service will be introduced to other cities of India in similar manner. Jio Fiber Preview Offer  starts from Rs 500 and goes upto Rs 5500. The whole announcement was made on twitter by one of the Jio care handler. It was the most awaited technology and finally has arrived.

jio fiber preview offer

Jio Fiber Preview Offer

Preview Offer TimeFirst 3 Months
Threshold Speed100 Mbps
Monthly Data LimitUnlimited
FUP after 100 GB1 Mbps
AvailabilitySelected Cities
Launch DateMarch 2017

What is Fiber Technology?

Fiber technology is the latest advancement in broadband technology which lets you fulfill all your daily internet needs. Its name comes from plastics or glass used and it allows faster speed when compared with standard copper wire. The other benefits of this technology is that it doesn’t require any software and any special installation or computer that makes it incredible and trouble free to use.

It is fast and its speed can goes upto 1Gb/sec which can facilitates user to watch videos and download movies instantly in no time, playing online games faster than before.

Location To Receive Jio Fiber Preview Offers

These are the list of all the cities or states which can apply for the preview office from the nearest reliance xpress mini store.

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi-NCR
  • Ahmedabad
  • Jamnagar
  • Surat
  • Vadodara

Jio Fiber Speed Test, How Good is it?

Well, if you talk about speed then let me tell you that this is one of the fastest and foremost connection in India so far. The minimum downloading speed is around 100 Mbps which is also very cheaper. This mean that 5GB of BlueRay movie downloading will take only 7 Minutes while 1 GB of data downloading will take only 1 and half minute. So this is the ultra fast speed we have ever imagined in India. Check the screenshot of speed test

jio fiber speed test

So this ultra-fast speed will also be used in Jio DTH service. You can stream live TV in HD quality as well as will able to browse more internet sites such as netflix, youtube, etc.

How to Apply for Jio Fiber Broadband Service?

If your city is applicable of the offer then you may receive this offer through email or other communication methods. So after receiving such offer, i would strongly recommend you to follow the steps that i have provided to enjoy free 3 month broadband service.

Jio fiber apply online

  • First of all, Check whether your city is ready to avail the Jio preview offer benefits
  • After that, apply for the connection by visiting nearest Jio xpress mini stores
  • You need to submit necessary documents before applying for the same
  • The connection will be free, however if you need additional WIFI router than you have to pay rs.4500 extra
    jiofiber router
  • Rs.4500 will be refundable and will be credited back to you when you deactivate your connection
  • Currently, Jio is providing welcome offer of this service free for 3 months.
  • This service is running in Mumbai and Pune with full pace.
  • In upcoming days, Jio will further announced this service in more cities.
  • The update of this service will be notified to you at the time will announced.

Jio Fiber (FTTH) Home Broadband Features

Now let’s take a look at the Jio Fiber home broadband features in detail what it will offer to the customers. Jio Fiber Preview Offer will definitely offer a promising high speed internet ranging from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps according to the requirement and needs of the customer.

This speed will makes easier for the users to download 500MB and 1GB data in just 1:30 minutes, and also user will be able to download High definition movies in just 6 minutes time which is just incredible and no other company stands in this Fiber segment to offer this much speed for the users.

jio giga fiber

Not only this, Reliance is also prepared for launching of its upcoming DTH service, smart TV service and iOT solution. It is now in development mode and soon its testing will bring launch date of these service.

With Jio Fiber Preview Offer, Company is also offering Add-on feature with these fiber plans.

One of the best innovative add on feature company offering is Home automation product i.e smart calling feature which will help users to connect multiple mobile, ipad and all other phones in your home to get connected virtually, which also means that the calls coming on the landline can be transferred and received on your mobile. As these feature is addon, user can make decision to get it or not.

jio home broadband

A security feature Jio is making to add with these fiber plans is Home Surveillance which will make possible user to get security system only through Jio Fiber Broadband Technology.

Jio Fiber Router will cost around Rs 4000 which is a refundable amount if the user doesn’t want to continue with Jio fiber service.

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans

jio fiber preview offer plans

  • Jio Fiber Speed Based Plan
  • Jio Fiber Volume Based Plan
  • Jio Fiber Special Plan

Jio is giving await 1000GB on their test plan which is named as “Super Platinum Plan”. There are overall 3 different kind of plans which i have listed above. Jio speed based plan is for those users who is looking for extra data usage according to their requirements. Following details of this plans is:

Jio Fiber Speed Based Plan

Jio Fiber PlanSpeed (Mbps)Data LimitPlan PriceValidity
Jio Fiber 50 Mbps Plan502000 GBRs. 150030 days
Jio Fiber 100 Mbps Plan1001000 GBRs. 200030 days
Jio Fiber 200 Mbps Plan200750 GBRs. 350030 days
Jio Fiber 400 Mbps Plan400500 GBRs. 400030 days
Jio Fiber 600 Mbps Plan600300 GBRs. 550030 days

Jio volume based plan is for those users who want to enjoy this broadband service with no speed limit. Following are the details:

Jio Fiber Volume Based Plan

Per day data usageSpeedPlan PriceValidity
5 GB daily planUnlimitedRs 100030 days
10 GB daily planUnlimitedRs 2000
30 days
20 GB daily planUnlimitedRs 300030 days
40 GB daily planUnlimitedRs 400030 days
60 GB daily planUnlimitedRs 500030 days

Jio Special Broadband plan is for special plan different from previous plans offers benefits unlike above plans with cheap rates to the customers. Following are the details:

jio broadband plan

Jio Fiber Special Plan

Special planData limitSpeed limitValidity
Rs. 500600 GB15 Mbps30 days
Rs. 1000500 GB25 Mbps30 days
Rs. 5003.5 GB/dayN/A30 days
Rs. 500N/A60 Mbps30 days
Rs. 500UnlimitedN/A30 days

So let us know, how much you are waiting to get this service in your city. We will send latest news to them who will subscribe to our notification feed. So use your google chrome browser and visit our site to get full notification on Jio fiber preview offer.


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