How to Link Aadhar Card With PAN Card? Step By Step Procedure

Hello everyone, now the Income Tax Department has made compulsion to link Aadhar card with your PAN card for taxpayers. It means if you don’t link your Aadhar card with Pan number and you have filed your income tax return that would be considered null. According to Central Board of Direct Tax,

Every person who has been allotted PAN as on 1 July 2017 and who in accordance with the provisions of sub-section(2) of Section 139AA is required to intimate with Aadhar number to the Principal Director General of Income -Tax(Systems) or the Director General of Income -Tax(Systems) or the person authorised by the said authorities.

Initially, the last date decided to link Aadhar card with PAN number had extended from 31st July to 31st August, now it has extended again to 31st December.  Most of the taxpayers did not link their Aadhar card with PAN number because the name on  Aadhar card and PAN number did not match. There is good news for who did not connect their two yet as we know that the department would not take the return without the linkage.

The another compulsion is that you also have to quote your 12 digits biometric Aadhar card number at the time while you are applying for your PAN number.

Why Its Required to Link Aadhar with PAN number

  • If any one of taxpayers doesn’t link his Aadhar card with PAN number, the department will not take his Income Tax Returns for processing. In this case, you will consider as you have not filed your Income Tax Return for the financial year 2016-2017 and then you have to face the same consequences for not filing the Income Tax Returns.
  • The department will make a notice against you under 142(1) and there will be a penalty of ₹ 5,000 for not filing ITR.


How to Link Aadhar Card with PAN Number? Step by Step

Connecting your Aadhar card with PAN number is a simple process. You can choose the online method or the offline one. I have listed both methods below. So follow the recommended steps carefully.

Online Method to Link Your Aadhar Card

Step1: First go to the link given here and log on the Income Tax Department e-filing portal by entering the Log-in ID, password, and date of birth.

Step2: After filling the information about your PAN, Aadhar number, and name of Aadhar number and then click on Link Aadhar button.


In case there is a little mismatch between the names of Aadhar card and PAN number,  an OTP will require. There is a huge mismatch in the two names, and you have to change one of your names, either in Aadhar or PAN data.

STEP3: Finally, your Aadhar will link with PAN. A successful linking will display a message as shown in the picture.


  • SMS: We can also link the two through SMS method. You have to send the message in the following way:

UIDPAN<12 digit Aadhar><10 PAN>  and send to SMS 567678 or 56161.

Offline Method to Link Your Aadhar Card

Most of the people still prefer offline method. Hence, we need following documents to link Aadhar card and PAN in offline mode.

  1. Filled Aadhar PAN seeding form.
  2. Original PAN card.
  3. Original Aadhar card.

You can submit the form at the designated PAN Services Centres. It is not free service. Such PAN Service Centers will take charges from you. You will find the list of PAN Services Centres list in the NSDL and UTIISL portals.

How to Confirm Whether Your Aadhar Link with PAN or Not?

You have to also confirm about your linkage.

  • You only require to logging into your account on the income tax department’s e-filing. After logging, you can click this link.
  • You have to all information about Aadhar card, PAN number, Name, and Captcha and click on Link Aadhar button.
  • You will get the message if you already link Aadhar card with PAN number, “Your Aadhar card has already been linked with your PAN.”


As of now, the government said that 99% of the Indian adult population linked with the Aadhar. Minister of Electronics and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad said

Aadhaar generation has crossed the 111 crore mark in a population of 125 crores in the country.

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