G Suite Promotion Codes: Save Extra 20% on Google Apps Cloud

G Suite Promotion Codes: Save Extra 20% on Google Apps Cloud
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Today i will be giving you the G Suite promotion codes that can help you  save your money. Google G Suite (formally known as Google Apps for Work) is one of the best platform for cloud computing.

If you own a organisation and just signed up then use our G Suite promotion codes to get 20% additional discount.

g suite promo code vouchers

Getting Started With G Suite

I will tell you the step by step tutorial to signup for Google G Suite. You can try the service for 30 days as trial. You don’t even need any credit card for trial service.

Finally, if you like, you can extend your subscription to upcoming months.

  1. Important: First of all, visit G Suite signup page from here
  2. Now, you have to click on start free trial button ( as shown on below image)
    g suite free trial
  3. Furthermore, Signup using your full name and desired business email followed by your password.
    g suite signup
  4. Next step is to configure your email with your Domain Registrar. So read next step very carefully.Use CNAME as mail and alias (value) as ghs.googlehosted.comUse MX record name as yourdomain.com and value + priority as shown in below image.
    g suite mx records
  5. Now you are done, You can now use gmail service directly from mail.yourdomain.com
  6. If you find any problem, then just ask for google expert support.
  7. I have added fresh promotional codes on your annual subscription package.

G Suite Promotion Code For 20% Discount

Use my G Suite promotional code and get flat 20% discount. To apply the promo code just follow below steps.

The pricing is as low as $5 per month for limited storage (30GB). While you want more power, you can pick monthly subscription package for just $10 with Unlimited Storage and Vault.

  1. Fist of all, visit your Google admin console from here.
  2. Now head over to Billing section of the app console.
    g suite billing
  3. You will be ask to choose between Flexible and Annual Plan, Choose Annual Plan.
  4. Now fill this form to receive your code and finally apply G Suite promotion code.
  5. Best Method: You can also signup again using this link to get 20% automatic discount.
    g suite promotion code
  6. You will get flat 20% discount instant, now pay the remaining balance with suitable payment method.

Lets Talk Business


If you are looking for G Suite coupon support then please mail me at irawatcake@gmail.com with your queries.

Note: I will get back to you within 2-4 hours.  

Google G Suite Apps Overview

It covers almost all major google apps. The basic difference that Google apps are build for individual use while G Suite can only be used for business or enterprise use.

  • Gmail Email
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google Forms
  • Google Sites
  • Google Calendar

These apps include sheets, slides, google plus, hangout etc. These apps can be used directly with your G Suite associate account.

Benefits of Using G Suite

1) Your Business Identity:

business g suite emails

Normally, you have used google gmail with email id as [email protected] but now things have changed a bit. You can now use google gmail with email id as [email protected] For instance, as i am G Suite user so i can use gmail with my email id [email protected] to receive or send emails.

2) Ad-Free Experience For Life

g suite ad-free

Say not to ads. Enjoy a ad-free Gmail when you signup for G Suite. Google gives you a more professional mailing with zero advertisement on it. Build a professional email for yourself that only focuses on growing your business.

3) High Storage Upto 30 GB

When you signup for G Suite, you get a in-built storage of 30GB. The same which can be used to store your gmail attachments and your google drive files such as documents, pdf, images or other extensions.

g suite drive

If you want to get more storage power than you can upgrade to unlimited plan for just additional 5$ per month. I have also provided a G Suite promotion code that can reduce your final amount by 20%.

4) 24/7 Live Customer Support

You get a priority support if you face any problem using G Suite. If you even don’t know how to setup your account, a google executive will help you over call on this.

Furthermore the calling support is available almost on 14 Languages and the same will be applied to email support. Get the list of toll free support numbers for 14 countries.

5) Integrate with Email Clients

While you are a regular user of any third party email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or almost all other clients, then you can configure G Suite with them easily.

To send SMTP emails apply following settings on your email client.

  1. First of all, use outgoing server: smtp-relay.gmail.com
  2. Use default port as: 587 (recommended) or 25, 465
  3. Finally, you are ready to sent SMTP relay emails.

Note: All the image used on this post are courtesy of Google Inc.

Thanks for reading my post. If you have any issue on using G Suite promotion code please ask me on the comment box.

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