Finozen App Referral Code: Invest & Earn 8.5% on Mutual Fund

Hello my reader, Today I will be sharing my Finozen referral code that helps you to earn joining bonus. I will also explain how you can make solid 8.5% money from the Finozen app using some initial investment.

When it comes to secure investment in India then Finozen its one of its kind. It is so quick to get started ( under 1 min). The app will give you a lot of benefits with tiny risk.

Important: I have updated every bit of details down below, and I want you all to read everything before getting started on Finozen app. So let me first start with explaining about Finozen app and its services.

What is Finozen ?

FinoZen was launched in April 2016 and is now being used by 16,000+ users who have already transacted Rs. 5.8 Cr in the last 8 months using FinoZen app. Some of the new features we have launched in the last few months are

  1. Instant Withdrawal (24X7) of your investments
  2. Refer effectively by tracking your referrals inside your FinoZen account
  3. Web app for investing & tracking at

Finozen is an android app which is same as your bank. The significant difference between your bank and Finozen is the returns. It is an investment application to invest your bank surplus in liquid mutual funds which are quite safe and give returns every day.

finozen appWhile your bank gives you 3-4% average annual interest rate, Finozen gives you absolute 7.0-8.5%. That is why investing your money on such platform will undoubtedly increase your

Take a look on below summary chart between your bank and Finozen. So basically you have an app which will convert your investment amount higher in one year. So I will tell you how you can get started with this app quickly.

Finozen Offers and Benefit Structure

FeatureSavings Bank AccountFinoZen Account
Annual Interest Rate4-6%7.0-8.5%
Interest CreditedIn 3 or 6 monthsDaily
Safety and SecurityVery HighVery High
Minimum BalanceRs. 0 – 30,000Rs. 100
Account Opening1 Week – 1 Month3 min. completely online

Avail Free Rs.100 Finozen App Joining Bonus

Finozen is running a very easy referring program on which they are giving Rs.100 joining bonus to each of their users. All you have to use a Finozen referral code while doing registration for a brand new account. Follow my instructions below..!!

  1. Download the Finozen app from google playstore first.
  2. When the download completes, you have to signup for a new account.
  3. Now fill your details like name, number, email and most important referral code.
  4. Use my Finozen referral code 7404592619 to avail free rs.100 on your account.
  5. Now add a minimum amount of Rs.500 on your Finozen account and watch your money growing.
  6. If you want to earn more free money, then share your referral code with your friends.
    finozen referral bonus

Few Important Question About Finozen App

So I have made a possible questions list that you may want to know about Finozen App.

Why and How Finozen Gives Us 8.5% Return?

finozen app moneyWell to answer this question, you first know about mutual investment.


Mutual fund investment is a risk-free investment in the market. It invests your money in different companies so that if any company’s share fell other company’s share may rise. That is why there is always less risk to lose your invested money.


But if you don’t know how to invest your money in the mutual fund, Finozen app do the job for you.


This app is investing your money in Reliance safest mutual fund. Which gives them a good return and they distribute this money further to their users.

Is Finozen App Safe?

Yes, as far as your money safety.A t FinoZen, you’ll be investing in Fino selected best Liquid/Ultra-Short Term Debt Mutual Fund which is extremely low risk.


This app is a way to invest your money in the mutual fund, and as I have explained above, it is the safest method to make the good online investment. It will lower the risk of losing your money but always remember that exceptions will always be there.

For How Much Time I Can Invest My Money?

It depends on you; You can invest for one month, six months or even one year. All you need is to keep checking your account money increment every day. If you are satisfied with your earnings, you can withdraw all amount at once and real quick.

How Much I Can Invest?



So you can invest a minimum amount of Rs.500 and up to 5 lac or even more. To invest, you must need to update your cancelled check, PAN Card, Bank details, etc. Also, I have attached a screenshot down below.

finozen account

Can I Cancel My Invested Money?

Yes, Anytime !!


You always have the option to withdrawn your money back to your bank account. Just tap on your app’s menu, and you will get a withdrawal option. Finally, fill your bank’s details and redeem all your hard cash to the bank account.

How To Check My Investment Return?

If you want to know how much money you will get at the end of the year, then follow my instructions below.

  1. Open the finozen app
  2. On the main screen, Tap on calculator ( as shown in below image )
    finozen investment
  3. Now enter the value you want to invest in the app and number of days.
  4. In the end, you will get a result of your expected returns. That’s awesome.!!

Check Payment Proof For Refer and Earn

So i have earned rs.800 so far on Finozen app and i always get smooth transaction. The best thing about the service is that you will get your earning in your bank in priority. So check my below payments from finozen.

finozen app payment proof

How To Contact Finozen?

Below are the details to contact Finozen team.


Finozen Physical Location: Finotrue Services Pvt. Ltd. #25, 9th Main, 18th Cross, 7th Sector, HSR Layout Bangalore – 560102, India.


Email Support[email protected] or [email protected]


Contact Number: 080-41245883

So finally guys, As per my study about the app and having a personal talk with the app’s higher team, I would strongly recommend you all to give it a try at least. If you have any other questions regarding the app, do ask me on the comment section.


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