Don’t Search These 5 Things on Google

People use Google to search the most. People are convinced that whatever they are searching for, they will definitely find it on Google. But, do you think a little bit while searching? What are we going to be searching for? Before you search on Google, you know what to search and what not to do. It would be better if you do not search these five things on Google. Even if you search for these five things, you can get trapped in difficulties.

Today we go to Google to search for anything or to get information related to anything else. And start doing a search by typing. But just wait and know what to search on Google and what not. Because you and your privacy may be in danger by searching anything.

Google is the widely used search engine and we all are used to it. But do you really know how these things work? Let us tell you what are these 5 things …

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do not search on google


If possible, contact Doctor if you are sick and try to correct yourself by using Google. And you search on Google about illness and medicine then you should also avoid it. Because the search data is transferred to a third party. After that, you are constantly shown ads related to that illness and its treatment. Repeatedly seeing the same ads about illness can make you really sick.

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This is the second thing you should never search on Google. Never ever search for your identity. Because Google has a complete database of your search history and it is risky to leak by searching again and again. Hackers keep waiting for what they get to hack easily.

Suspicious Things

Often on Google, people search for something that they do not make any sense but only look for them, do not search such suspicious or suspicious things. Because the cyber cell is often seen only on people who try to find something suspicious. In such a situation, you can get into trouble. In the cases of the cyber cell, there is a provision for the jail sentence.


Avoid personal email login by searching on Google too. If you do this, your account may be hacked or your password may be leaked. According to a study, the most hacking cases in the world are e-mails related. Several of its complaints are also registered in cyber cell. After gathering the information about your email your other social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others can be hacked easily.

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Things or Ads that Make You Feel Insecure

Any such information from which you are unsafe should not be searched on Google. Because doing this will show you similar ads. This is because you are being followed on the Internet. Therefore, to avoid such advertisements avoid such content on Google.


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