BSNL 4G, Broadband Plans, Offers: Unlimited Calling, Free Internet

BSNL 4G, Broadband Plans, Offers: Unlimited Calling, Free Internet
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bsnl 4g internet plansRecently, Company has introduced its BSNL 4G Plans.  I would also talk about BSNL Broadband Plans today.

These offers can be used to get unlimited internet data. In this post i would guide you with the best internet offer made by BSNL for its costumers.

Ever since reliance jio sim started rolling out in the market. Every telecom is now in great hurry to make their plans more affordable. Telecom such as Bharti Airtel, Idea has already rolled out their low price tariff to attract customers.

The BSNL has just launched new Mobile Data plans included Few Broadband plans. The company is focusing to give Low price 4G LTE data for less than Rs.1 per GB. However the rolling out these plans all over the country may take some time. Lets discuss all plans in details.

BSNL New Offers

Unlimited Calling Plan

Rs.99 Plan

BSNL has introduced its much awaited true unlimited calling plan for prepaid users, starting with rs.99. The plan is applicable for all calls between BSNL to BSNL with Local as well as STD. The validity of this new plan will be 28 days. Previously the same plan was for rs.249. The new price of the plan may varies as per circle.


Offer: You will get additional 300MB 3G/4G internet data with this plan. You will get unlimited on-net minutes for calling/talktime.


Eligible States for Rs.98 Plan

  • Kolkata TD
  • West Bengal
  • Bihar
  • Jharkhand
  • Assam
  • Gujrat
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Chattisgarh
  • Maharashtra
  • Rajashthan

Other state can also avail the plan benefit but the recharge price may change within rs.119 to rs.149. So i request to call on BSNL customer care number before recharging.


Rs.339 Plan

Now, If you are looking for unlimited calling plan for 1 month to any network then you need to recharge with rs.339. In addition, you will get 1 GB bundle data for free.


Rs.1099 Plan

This plan is for unlimited 3G usage with the validity of one month. This plan is launched by BSNL to give head to head competition with Reliance Jio, while Jio is giving unlimited 4G benefits for free of cost.

BSNL Cheapest Plans

Next year BSNL is set to launch its lowest rate calling and data plan in next year 2017, said in an event. The plan will be beneficial to all state subscribers in India. Basically BSNL has a direct battle with Jio to be its head to head competitor. But finally, all benefits will go to the telecom customers.

BSNL Freedom Plan

Recently BSNL has announced its new freedom plan for its Prepaid customers. So i will tell you what is the benefit of this plan and how to get this plan in below steps.

  1. First of all, Get a New BSNL Prepaid connection or use your existing SIM Card.
  2. After that Recharge with rs.136 flexi from local retailers and enjoy below benefits.

Benefits of BSNL Freedom Plan

  • Get exclusive 25 paisa call rate to any network in India for first 30 days.
  • After that you can avail all calls STD and Local @ 1.3 paisa per second for 700 days.
  • Special call rate will valid for 730 days and valid on STD, Local and Roaming.
  • New: You will also get additional 1GB of 3G/4G date usage for 30 days.
  • Send Local SMS for just 25 paisa/SMS and STD for 38 paisa/SMS

Additional Combo Offer with Freedom Plan

In this Combo plans, you will get same above benefits but with Talktime value and different internet data balance.

Recharge ValueTalktime BenefitsData Benefit
MRP Rs.577Rs.577 Main Balance1GB (30 days)
MRP Rs.377Rs.377 Main Balance300MB (20 days)
MRP RS.178Rs.178 Main Balance300MB (10 days)

BSNL Broadband Plan: BB249

BSNL has introduced lightning fast BB249 BSNL broadband plan for new customers. In this plan you will enjoy unlimited 2MBPS speed for first 2GB data. After that you will get unlimited uploading and downloading @ 1MBPS without any additional cost.

You can also take a look on BSNL 4G LTE Plans below the post. These plans may vary as per your circle (states). Pleas scroll down to the bottom.bsnl broadband plans

The BB249 plan will cost you only Rs.249 for 6 months. This plan connection and activation will cost you only Rs.49 per month. In addition, as i have analysed that it will cost less than 75 paisa per 1 GB internet usage which is the lowest among all BSNL Broadband Plans.

Why Go For BSNL Broadband Plans?

The BSNL offer a wide range of services on its broadband plans. Services such as Landline broadband, Wifi Hotspot, Wi-Max broadband, Fiber Broadband (FTTH), Dial Up internet and CDMA Broadband. These services has different prices and validity.


The most popular BSNL broadband is Landline. The main reason is that you will get unlimited free calling from 9PM to 7AM everyday t any other telecom provider.

  1. Government owned ISP in India
  2. Wide range of Internet Services
  3. Flexible for Home and Commercial
  4. Cheapest rates with High Usage

Some Reasons Why I Will Choose BSNL: In the history of Indian Telecom, BSNL is always a affordable option for everyone. Not only this, BSNL Broadband is India’s largest broadband ISP provider that is why it can be easily available at any place in India.


Second Reason: Most plans have unlimited access to internet. Other broadband company will provide you High-speed data upto certain limit and thats all. But if you want unmetered data to download your stuff all month long then you should pick BSNL broadband certainly.


A Drawback: If you look at BSNL Speed, Usage and Price, it will be legit as they say but one thing that keeps me away from using BSNL BB Plans is its Downtime.




You might ask be what is exactly a downtime?


Its a time when you can’t connect to internet, means BSNL broadband won’t even work for hours like 1-2. This can be a frustrating moment for those, who need active internet connection 24X7. However, its quite natural, if you are using DSL Wired internet service.

BSNL Broadband Plans

Plan TypeMonthly ChargesHigh Speed QuotaSpeed Beyond Data
BBG Combo ULD 1199Rs.1199Upto 2 Mbps Flat 2MBPS
BBG ULD 499Rs.4992Mbps upto 2GB1Mbps
BBG ULD 545*Rs.5452Mbps upto 3GB1Mbps
BBG ULD 675**Rs.6752Mbps upto 3GB1Mbps
BBG ULD 795#Rs.7952Mbps upto 10GB1Mbps
BBG ULD 845**Rs.8452Mbps upto 10GB1Mbps
BBG ULD 945**Rs.9452Mbps upto 10GB1Mbps
BBG ULD 990**Rs.9902Mbps upto 10GB1Mbps
BBG ULD 1445**Rs.14454Mbps upto 30GB1Mbps
BBG ULD 1491Rs.14912Mbps upto 40GB1Mbps
BBO ULD 799 Rs.7992Mbps upto 10GB1Mbps
BBO ULD 949Rs.9492Mbps upto 20GB1Mbps
BBO ULD 1199Rs.11994Mbps upto 30GB1Mbps
BBO ULD 1499Rs.14998Mbps upto 40GB1Mbps
(*) BB Home UL 545" plan is Rs.645 in the Odisha circle, Selected SSAs of UP(West) circle
(**) Means BB UL 675. BB ULD 845 & BBG ULD 945 plans is Rs.775, Rs.899, (* Rs.1000 respectively in the Odisha circle, Selected SSAs of UP(West) circle
(#) FMC under broadband "BBG ULD 795" plans is Rs.825/- in Bijnore SSA of UPW circle
Broadband Plan BBG ULD 1445 is Rs 1600 in Selected SSAs of UP(West) circle

Which Plan is Best?

From my point of view the first plan (BBG Combo ULD 1199) is the best for all users. In this plan you will get 24X7 unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India. In addition there is no limit of bundle data because its truly unlimited data. To activate your plan, go ahead to nearest BSNL broadband office and ask them to install this plan for you.

How Can I Get BB249 Plan ?

Well the procedure to get this plan is quite simple and not complicated as Reliance Jio. This is a Home Broadband Plan so can only be used for personal usage. If you are looking for commercial Plan then this plan cannot be used for office purpose.


I will tell you exactly how you can avail this BB249 plan. I have given some clear instructions below.

  1. Collect Your Document ID:

    Please make sure that you are 18+ of age and you have valid document ID. These ID includes Aadhar card, PAN Card, Voter ID etc. Also take your latest passport size photographs.

  2. Visit Nearest BSNL Office:

    Head over to your local Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited regional office with your documents. Tell them that you cant BB249 plan for your home. They will ask for your documents and verify your details lately. Finally, Fill the application form.

  3. Payments and Processing

    Finally, pay the amount which is Rs.249 for 6 months.

    But Wait: You must select a calling plan with this broadband plan. You have to pay additionally for this plan. For example, you can select rs.300 calling plan the your total amount will be rs.300 + rs.249 = rs.549.

    You also have to pay a one time refundable security amount i.e rs.1200-1500 + service charge + landline price (if you want). The total amounts shall be approx rs.2500 (one time). After that you have to only pay the calling plan’s price each month.

    Finally, after six month you have to pay full amount i.e rs. 549 on this case.

I am a Existing BSNL Broadband User, Can i Avail BB249?

Yes you may,

You have to gone through above process as i have explained. But you have to pay rs.1200 (one time) instead rs.249 for this plan. After that, enjoy unlimited broadband service.

Benefits of “Experience Unlimited BB249”

  • Experience unlimited internet data for 6 months for just Rs. 249
  • Get unlimited free calling with anywhere in India for 6 months on landline and mobiles.
  • The plan will be available in public from 9 September 2016.
  • Only new users can avail this plan.

Important Terms & Conditions on BB249 Plan

  • You get 2G Data usage with 2 Mbps speed after than Unlimited Data usage with 1MBPS.
  • After 6 months, You can only opted for Rs.799 unlimited BB plan which features same benefits.
  • You can make unlimited  free call outgoing calls only on Sunday.
  • You can make free calls from 9PM to 7AM on Monday to Saturday.

BSNL 4G Plans

BSNL 3G/4G Plans

Pack NameTariff MRP 3G/4G/ Validity
BSNLRC4Rs.4-720MB/ 1 Day
BSNLRC17Rs.17100MB/ 1 Day
BSNLRC29Rs.26-33150MB/ 3 Day
BSNLRC39Rs.39200MB/ 5 Day
BSNLRC56Rs.56250MB/ 21 Day
BSNLRC68Rs.681GB/ 1 Day
BSNLRC78Rs.781GB/ 5 Day
BSNLRC98Rs.98650MB/ 14 Day
BSNLRC109Rs.109300MB/ 28 Day
BSNLRC155Rs.1551GB/ 15 Day
BSNLRC156Rs.1562GB/ 10 Day
BSNLRC198*Rs.1981GB/ 28 Day
BSNLRC239*Rs.2391GB + Rs.80TT/ 14 Day
BSNLRC291*Rs.2912.2GB/ 28 Day
BSNLRC444Rs.4443GB/ 60 Day
BSNLRC451Rs.4512GB + Rs.80TT/ 60 Day
BSNLRC549Rs.54910GB/ 30 Day
BSNLRC561Rs.5615GB/ 60 Day
BSNLRC821Rs.8216GB/ 60 Day
BSNLRC1949Rs.194921GB/ 90 Day

BSNL Unlimited Plans

Plan NameMRP / FUP LimitFup Speed/Validity
BSNLRC351#Rs.351/1.5GB80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC399*Rs.399/2GB80Kbps/30 Days
BSNLRC451#Rs.451/2.5GB80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC629*Rs.629/3GB80Kbps/30 Days
BSNLRC651#Rs.651/5.5GB80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC751#Rs.751/7GB80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC851#Rs.851/8GB80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC951#Rs.951/9GB80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC1099Rs.1099/Unlimited21Mbps/30 Days
BSNLRC2399*Rs.2399/16GB80Kbps/60 Days
(*) sign denotes that this plan is available for only North and South Zone BSNL Users.
(#) sign denotes that this plan is available for only East Zone BSNL Users.

These tariff of BSNL 4G plans can be enjoyed by BSNL subscriber all over India. We will update the plans as per preference. Please make sure to dial 1503 from your mobile to check these STV Rate. You can also check your BSNL circle website too.

If any update comes according BSNL broadband plans i will update it on the post. Ask me anything related to this post down below comment box.

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Rambachan Yadav

Is bsnl 4G launched in Gujarat?

mohan thazhath

I am having now bbcombo 545 broadband. If I go to a cheap plan , tell me whether I can cancel the present home plan unlimited broadband.


Bsnl is worlds worst network I have seen.


Iam using Airtel broadband 40 GB. Data,with16mbps, with unlimited calls to any network any time,@Rs 1098+ tax plan,can I switch to BSNL and save money and retain same number with same features? Please inform me. K.prabhakar Rao, Bengaluru.

mohd islam

I want new bsnl 4g, broadband connection


Dear sir,

What about the existing post paid BSNL customers. Especially those having BSNL rakshak plan


Can I get bb249 plan now ?

Aruna Saini

I have bsnl broadband internet connection. I am not aware what plan I am using. Average monthly bill that I receive amounts to Rs.1100/- approximately. The speed is pathetic. Please from


when the bsnl 4g network to bidar come


Bsnl waste 4g not yet com -karnataka


I have made new request in BSNL office, but in that I mentioned Rs.499 plan and paid amnt accordingly. They will fix connection today or tomorrow.
Is it possible for me to change plan to 249 now????

Pradeep mehra

I want new Bsnl broadband connection
What should I do


I am unable to connect to iMessage and FaceTime for the last one week.this has never happened before with my BSNL 990 plan.however I can get through on my air tell hotspot.i have lodged a complaint but to no avail.what do I do?


did it resolve for you?

sures kr

I just joined BSNL combo 249Plan.Its awesome.Very good plan plan middle class family. Good response from local staff also.Keep it up BSNL.jai Hind….


If I am not getting full service for the payment being made I think i should switchover to airtel.


Really it is frustrating that I did not use much of internet nor the landline phone during the month and it is asking me to upgrade to get internet. BSNL is not saisfied with the payment of Rs.1083, where as advt says unlimited for Rs.249. Many people advised me, including my daughter to switch over to airtel,which as she says good speed with only rs.600 p.m. but being a retired govt servant i am continuing with this bsnl despite paying Rs.1000 p.m.whether any BSNL officers looking into this?


I am having unlimted Broadband use with landline for which the charges were approx.900 p.m. for the last two years. I think it is plan 650. TILL REcently I was getting good service. However, now a days the bsnl advt used to interrupt, and ask me to upgrade ..I do not understand why such interruption and i am not getting internet. Today is only 17th Dec. I am getting the advt and not getting internet. This after paying Rs.1083 yesterday being the bill for Nov.16. I feel to switch over to airtel


bsnl is bad


i am aldready using bsnl bb i asked fr the plan 249 but they said that they cant give that plan to me they said no that because i was aldready using bsnl bb


the plane of 249 broad band just give the gross speed of 100 kb , it takes about 4 hr to download 2GB data.
1 Mb speed means actual speed of 100 kb only.


1mbps (1 Mega bite per sec ) so you have to divide by 8 that is 1024/8 =128 KB/Sec is the actual speed you get


Waste of money, BSNL could not provide 3G services and planning for 4G. It will be supper flop.


Cheating all operator unlimited plan why they are not given finished data limit offer atleast 128kbps speed given its good but operator given 80kbps its mean below 2g network speed…80kbps speed what using customer…give full speed first getting lot of customer bsnl why people are going another operator so please rupees 50 for 1Gb given its 14days valid… many customers are coming bsnl…

Sachin dhandhukiya

Waiting for bsnl 4g plan


Few years back I wanted BSNL broadband I approched to near by office which was approx 0.5 km from my home, they said they are not providing service in my society
and the fact is there is a BSNL server room in my building.
They BSNL guy gave me other internet provider’s number.


4G plans are costly

Shouvanik Haldar

Hi Pankaj,
Thank you.

If I go for a 1 month or less than a month plan, use it, and surrender or deactivate , which plan should I go for?

Rajesh bhardwaj

Bsnl 4g plan

Deepak kumar

BSNL is useless it’s pack have very less validity time. BSNL should extend validity at same price.A good plan has less validity and long validity plans r 2 expensive.That’s the reason I opted for JIO..thank u jio

kokki kumar

you will soon face the consequences of jio all the best!

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