Big Basket Referral Code 2021: First Time User Sign Up Coupon

Now earn free ₹100 when you purchase groceries for the first time using the Big basket referral code. Big basket is India’s largest online grocery store and provides professional service. Just like Grofers offers, Big basket offers some crazy discounted deals that can save you money.

Now you can earn free ₹100 when your friend signup on the big basket app using your referral code. Also, he/she has to place an order above ₹500. After that, both you and your friend will receive ₹100 in a big basket wallet. It is the same as the Swiggy referral code to earn a little cash to save your money in the next order.

So we can assume that using the big basket referral code, we can earn 20% (max ₹100) with our first order. So in the below steps, I will simplify the signup process by step by step tutorial. Follow the steps to apply the “Refer a Friend” benefits successfully.

big basket referral code

Big Basket Referral Code

Overview Details
Referral Code bigb1dmzn
Refer Credit ₹100 Credit Balance
User Type First Time User
Benefits Applied on Min ₹500 Purchase
Validity Unlimited

How to Use Big Basket Referral Code?

  1. First of all, download the big basket app from the google play store.
  2. Now, here comes the signup process, which requires your personal details
  3. After that, enter your number, email and use referral code bigb1dmzn

  4. Finally, shop for ₹500 or above for the first time to get free ₹100 on your wallet
  5. ₹100 benefits will be credited with 24 hours of grocery delivery

How to Earn Free Referral Credits?


  1. Open your big basket app and select the refer and earn option from the menu.
  2. After that, you can see your unique referral code, copy it, and share it with a friend.
  3. When your friend signup on the app using your code and you will receive an email that your friend has successfully signup using your referral code.
  4. Now all you need is to tell your friend to make a minimum purchase of ₹500 or above.
  5. When your friend shops for ₹500 or above, you both will be entitled to receive ₹100 automatically.
  6. So far, I have earned ₹1800 on my big basket wallet by sharing my code.
  7. Your money is always safe in your big basket wallet, and you don’t need to worry about referral credit expiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top most asked questions that may help you.

Where to Find Big Basket Referral Code?


Referral codes are unique, and you can find your referral code in the menu (three lines in the top left corner of the Android app). Then finally, click Refer & Earn option. Now tap and hold to copy your code or share the link on Whatsapp.

When Will Big Basket Referral Credit Expire?

Well, Big basket referral credit never expires. Whatever you have earned by sharing your referral code will always be there. You can use the credit anytime, even after the next five years.

I’ve personally tried their referral credit after one year, and it works flawlessly for me. However, the credit can only be used within Big basket for shopping. It is a non-convertible referral bonus.

How Much Big Basket Referral Credit Worth?

Well, each credit is equal to one rupee. If you spend ₹500 on groceries using your referral credit, it basically means that you will get a flat discount of ₹500 from your final total.

How Much Can You Earn using Referral Code?

There is a limit mentioned in terms and conditions. According to the terms, you can refer up to 20 people per account. It all depends on how much you are sharing the code with your friends and colleagues. Please note that the referral bonus applies to Android mobile user’s referrals.

How Much Credit Can You Redeem?

You can redeem 100% referral credit for sure. For example, if you have earned ₹800 by sharing your code, then according to the terms, you can shop for ₹800 using your credit money without paying any extra charges. Of course, a little delivery charge may apply if your order value is less than ₹1000.

How to Order Free Using Referral Credit?


Well, it is straightforward. First of all, check how much credit you have earned by sharing your big basket referral code. Furthermore, it would help if you started adding items in your cart equivalent to your free credits. Finally, update your house address and proceed to final payments. All the net amount deducts from your credit balance, and you can order your items for free. See the above screenshot for proof as I have ordered few items without paying actual money.

How Can We Save More Money with Big Basket?

There are other more options to save your money while ordering on Big Basket. Offers like Paytm payment, coupon codes, and festival deals can save you a lot of money. All you need is to wait for these offers to come. Also, there is a perfect chance that you can get a huge discount as a first-time user order.

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