Best VR Headset, VR Glasses With Lowest Price Under Rs.3,000 India

Looking for a best VR headset with the best Glasses along with a cheaper price tag? Oh, I see, You want to play VR games or playing movies. I know, that’s what I do with my VR headset. So let’s talk about those VR headsets which are highly trending and most selling in Indian Market.

In today’s world, virtual reality is one of the hottest digital items to purchase. The reason of this is that you can actually feed the 3D graphics from any ordinary android mobile. The VR headset will probably fit almost on every smartphone. Finally, all you need is to plug and play this VR headset and enjoy the fantastic 3D world.

The most confusing element is the hardware of VR headset. If you are a newbie then you may not aware of the certain properties of a best Virtual reality. That is why I will bring you the best VR that will be pocket-friendly and possess very high-quality inbuilt components.


Best VR Headset (Virtual Reality)

VR Headset Name Online Best Price
Procus PRO (New) VR Headset – 100-120 Degree FOV ₹3,099 @Amazon
Irusu MONSTERVR VR headset (Smart Glasses) ₹1,999 @Flipkart
AuraVR Pro VR Headset/Virtual Reality ₹1,999 @Amazon
COOLNUT® Virtual Reality Glass ₹1,599 @Amazon
NGConnext VR-45 3D Virtual Reality Glasses ₹1,499 @Amazon
Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset ₹5,890 @Amazon

These VR are selected on the behalf on best performance, low eye pain and headache. Most importantly, i have picked those VR Headset as per good customer reviews.

Procus PRO (New) VR Headset

Expensive But Value For Money: Procus Pro has redesigned its older style with the new range VR. It focuses on more comfort and better quality lenses. Basically, if you are looking for best visual performance and ready spend extra money then this would be a great choice. I would recommend Procus PRO for these features.

  • Inbuilt Headphones: It has built-in headphones, the sound quality is also above average with great durability.
  • Volume Rockers: You don’t need to change volume from your mobile device. Just use its inbuilt volume controllers to change volume any time.
  • Touch Sensitive Buttons: Every button on Procus PRO VR has touch sensitivity that’s why this VR is little expensive the other.

Buy Procus PRO Now

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Irusu MONSTERVR vR headset (Smart Glasses)

Highly Recommended: This VR is cheaper but its quality is really awesome. The best thing about this VR is its glass’s 42MM big lenses. One of the Flipkart customers has stated that

There’s only two things to watch out for when you get a VR headset. Performance and comfort. This is good at both.

The VR is Compatible OS only with Android 5.0 and above. So watch out for your android version before purchasing this VR.


AuraVR Pro VR Headset/Virtual Reality Gear

High Functionality: AuraVR Pro is a high-quality inbuilt plastic VR that allows you to adjust the Inter Pupillary Distance & the distance between the lens and the screen for better focus. This VR is compatible with android 4.1 and iOS 5 both. This is a budget product that comes in good packing and you will find a FREE AuraVR Bluetooth Gaming Remote right in the box.

Important Note: This VR has many inbuilt unique functions. So to unitize all functions your phone must have sensors like Gyro sensor, its proximity sensor & magnetometer.

Buy AuraVR Pro Now

COOLNUT® Virtual Reality Glass

Very High Comfort Level: If I have to have picked the best feature about this VR is its Comfort level as it is designed with soft foam cushion. It has humanized design with cool techie look. Its comes with adjustable and stretchable headbands that fit according to your convenience.


This VR will convert your small screen device graphic to the iMAX cinema-like quality. In addition, Its is compatible with smartphone size 4 inch to 6 inches.



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NGConnext VR-453D Virtual Reality Glasses/Headset

Get the stunning 360° videos and QR CODE for VR Apps are available with this VR. It is the lowest price VR in this segment. It has Modified Resin Lenses that helps in clear and more eye focused visibility of videos and games.

The warranty covers a 10 days replacement policy. These VR can make turn your ordinary smartphone into a multiplex theater.

Buy NGConnext Now

Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset

No doubt that these are the best VR headset available from all of the above. But these are expensive one from other. It’s a pure and complete source of entertainment. If you can spend that much amount on these VR then go ahead and purchase it for yourself. The main advantage of Samsung Gear is that these are very light weighted.

Please Keep in Mind: This VR Works with Samsung Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge.

Buy Samsung Gear Now

100% VR Compatibility With Smartphones

All the VR are 100% compatible with major smartphones in the industry. Below is the list of the compatible handset with these. Some VR has predefined compatibility so please scroll up and read full description for that.

  • Samsung Android Mobiles
  • Apple iPhone
  • Lenovo Mobiles
  • Xiaomi Mobiles (Redmi, MI)
  • Sony Mobiles
  • HTC Phones
  • Huawei Smartphones
  • Micromax Smartphones

Inspired by Google Cardboard, Gear & Oculus Rift

All the VR listed here are inspired by Google Cardboard, Gear, and Oculus Rift technology. That means these are first copy of VR. Do you know that these companies make this VR with a set of instruction given by google? If you follow these instructions, You can build your own VR under rs.150 only.

Oculus Rift is the original creator of VR Technologies by picking up their direction, the market is full of high-quality headsets.

Build a VR Headset For Yourself under Rs.150

To build a cardboard for yourself you need few lenses and a cardboard paper. Visit google cardboard page to download the toolkit to make one for yourself.

This post ended here, so guys let me know which VR Headset are you using and what is the best thing you like in that. Also, let me know which VR game you like the most. I will feature the best comment on my post.

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