Amazon The Levels Contest, Play & Win OnePlus 5T, Full Description

Amazon started “The Levels” contest for the users on 17th November 2017. It’s a kind of quiz with 5 levels, each has 3 questions related to Performance, Power, etc. If you give all the correct answer, you will get a chance to win Oneplus Bullet Earphones or OnePlus 5T Phone for free.

This phone was launched in a live event on 16 November 2017. After that, Amazon organized an “Early Access Sale” exclusively for Prime members. This sale will start on 21 November 2017 at 4:30 PM onwards. But Amazon offering a chance to win this phone without paying a Penny.

Here, I will tell you, how you can join this competition, how you to proceed further, and how you can claim the prize. Also, For today’s competition, we have added the answers to all the 15 questions below. Check them out.

amazon the levels quiz oneplus 5t

Competition and How to Enter Details

  1. This competition will start from 12:00:01 AM (IST) to 11:00 PM on 17th November 2017
  2. To be eligible for competition, during the competition period, you must sign-in or sign-up with an account on Amazon App
  3. Once you’ve signed-in to Amazon app, you can navigate to that page and participate, where 5 (five) levels with 3 (three) questions in each level will be posted during the entire competition period.
  4. After this, if you give correct answers to all the quiz questions, then you will be entitled to a lucky draw which will be done among the participants who have correctly answered this question.
  5. During the competition period, many draws will be drawn for the questions and a total of 15 (fifteen) participants will be selected as a winner by a random drawing lot. The total list of awards is as follows:
    A. OnePlus Bullet (V2) earphones – 10 winners
    B. OnePlus 5T Smartphone – 5 winners

Note: This offer is not valid on Amazon app for iPhone 4 or below, Windows phone and Tablets users. 

Eligibility Criteria

You will have to meet the following eligibility criteria to enter the competition:

  1. You must be a personal legal resident of the Republic of India
  2. You should have set India as your current country in the settings of your account on Amazon.
  3. You have a billing address in the area of India; and
  4. You must be 18 years of age or older when entering the competition.

Note: Amazon employees, their immediate family members (wives, domestic partners, parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and grandchildren), and Amazon associates, advisors, advertising/competition agencies are not eligible to enter the competition. 

How to Play & Win OnePlus 5T?

  1. First of all, download the Amazon App from Play Store or App Store on your phone.
  2. Run the app, you will see “The Levels – win a OnePlus 5T” image, Click on that and you will be redirected to another page.
    amazon the levels quiz 5 levels app
  3. Here, you will see the contest detail and different levels followed by
    i. A new view
    ii. Photography
    iii. Performance
    iv. Power
    v. Access
    amazon the levels quiz 5 levels
    Step 1: Sign into Amazon App and enter level 1
    amazon the levels quiz 5 levels step 1
    Step 2: Answer all 3 questions right to enter the next level
    amazon the levels quiz 5 levels step 2
    Step 3: Clear all 5 Levels to stand a chance to win OnePlus 5T smartphones. (Each participant will get only one chance to clear all levels)
    amazon the levels quiz 5 levels step 3
  4. After signing in or signing up will be redirected to a page where you can start the quiz by clicking on “Start”
    amazon the levels quiz 5 levels start


Level 1: A new view (Questions & Answers)

  1. Which of these is a new feature in the OnePlus 5T?
    AMOLED 18:9 display
  2. OnePlus 5T offers a larger viewing experience compared to OnePlus 5, at a similar form factor. What is the display screen size of the OnePlus 5T?
    6.01 inch
  3. A pixel is the base element in measuring display resolution. The term ‘Pixel’ is a short form for which of these?
    Picture Element

Level 2: Photography (Questions & Answers)

  1. what is primary dual camera specification on one Plus 5T?
    16MP + 20MP
  2. Which of these is NOT a setting that can be fine-tuned on OnePlus 5T’s manual mode?
  3. Which of these is NOT associated with format pictures are saved in digitally?

Level 3: Performance (Questions & Answers)

  1. OnePlus 5T is powered by which processor?
    Snapdragon 835
  2. What are the RAM variants that the OnePlus 5T is available in?
  3. What does ROM stand for with regards to the internal memory of a smartphone?
    Read only memory

Level 4: Power (Questions & Answers)

  1. With Dash charge, how long does it take to get a day’s power on the OnePlus 5T
    Half an hour
  2. What is the battery capacity of the OnePlus 5T?
    3300 mAh
  3. Which of these is NOT a type of battery?
    Pima Colada

Level 5: Access (Questions & Answers)

  1. Amazon Prime members will enjoy early access to the sale of OnePlus 5T. When does this sale begin?
    21st November 2017
  2. Which of these phrases is associated with OnePlus?
    Never Settle
  3. Which of these OnePlus phones was not launched on
    OnePlus 11
    amazon the levels quiz 5 levels end

Winner’s Nomination

After confirming the winners, Amazon will personally contact the winners. They will also post the names of the winners on this page on December 10, 2017

If you find this article informative or have any suggestion, you can write your views in the comment box below. Do stay tuned with for further updates.

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