How to Earn Rs.50,000 Monthly Money: Amazon Associates Affiliate?

Amazon Associates AffiliateHello everyone, today i will talk about Amazon associates affiliate program in a bit detail. As all of you may know that amazon is world’s largest marketplace and probably in India too. So being a popular and giant eCommerce website, amazon also have a monetization platform for publishers. You can start making real cash if you are a blogger like me. I have tried out various affiliate network but believe me amazon works great for me.

So in this post i will be talking about the amazon associates program or formally known as amazon affiliate. I will try to guide you with various methods to increase your earnings.

Amazon affiliate program is free to join and takes a little time to set it up. In addition, amazon team is very supportive to answer or clear your doubts. So overall, amazon associates is the safest way of reliable income. So without wasting our time, lets get started.

Amazon Associates Affiliate


What is Amazon Associates or Affiliate?

Amazon associates is an affiliate program by where you can get commission to sell amazon products online. Sound crazy? well, its the truth. The commission rate may vary from various product category or maybe from product to product. The payments will be made after 45 days when you sell any particular product. Amazon Associates Affiliate.

You may not know but millions are making money daily with this program. I am also making above rs.50,000 monthly from amazon. This is why i thought that, why not make a proper guide so that everyone can learn from it.

Basic Requirements Needed For Signup

  • You must have a website/blog or android/iOS/windows app
  • Your PAN Card Number
  • Individual/Corporate Disclosure
  • Your Bank Account Details to Receive EFT Payments

How To Signup for Amazon Affiliate?

Signing up on amazon associates is very easy and fast process. You have to follow the basic instructions as given below. You need an email for signup or your existing amazon account.

  • First of all, visit amazon affiliate link from here.

Amazon Associates Affiliate

  • After that, either you can login with your amazon account or create a new one
  • Then enter your email address and create a new password for signup
  • Now you will be asked to provide your basic information on the upcoming steps
  • Fill you address correctly and set payee main contact option information as “listed aboveAmazon Associates Affiliate


  • Select “No” if you are not a US Citizen as shown in above screenshot
  • Thereafter, provide your website or application address, for eg.

Amazon Associates Affiliate

  • Create preferred affiliates store ID, which is really important and works are your tracking ID

  • Now the only thing left is information about your website or app like daily traffic and details, reason to join, your niche etc.
  • Finally, tick the contract term and click finish button at the end to start promoting products.

  • Now finally, visit this link to update your PAN Card and bank account details. This is really important step to get your payments on your bank account safely.

How it Really Works?

So basically, you can generate a tracking link of any amazon product page. When someone clicks on the link, a cookie will be created on his/her browser with your tracking ID. That tracking link will last long for 30 days. As a result, if the user purchases the product even after 30 days of clicking on your tracking link, you will get the commission on it. In simple words, if someone apparently ends with purchasing any product with your tracking link, you will get paid.

Most of all, you will also get commission fee, even when user purchases any other product that you have not recommended. This means that, you will get commission every time if someone click on your link and purchases any other product from the whole marketplace.

So to generate link of any product you will get a Associate SiteStripe on the top of the product page which can be only seen by you. You can generate an affiliate short-link by clicking on get link button as shown below. Later share that link on your blog or website.

These sitestripes will really help to get affiliate link faster and easier. So i would strongly recommend to use it.

What are the Commission Rates of Amazon Affiliate?

As i have already mentioned above that there is no fix commission rate. For example fashion items can give you maximum benefit i.e 12%. This is what we call advertising fee rate which is set by amazon for the specific group of products.

Product Category Commission Rates
Kindle eBooks 10%
Consumer Electronics (excl. Data Storage Devices) 4%
Mobile Phones* 4%
Televisions 4%
Gift Cards 2%
Men’s Apparel 12%
Other Apparel & Shoes 10%
Beauty and Health 10%
Books 9.5%
Music, Movies, Video games and Software 5%
Cars, Motorbikes and Industrial Products 10%
Toys and Baby Products 10%
Watches 10%
Jewellery (excluding Gold and Silver coins) 10%
Gold and Silver coins 0.3%
Home and Kitchen 10%
Kitchen Appliances 9%
Kindle Devices 10%
Luggage and Bags 10%
Sports, Fitness and Outdoors 10%
Office and Stationery 10%
Musical Instruments 10%
Gourmet and Specialty Foods 10%
Data Storage Devices 2%
Major Appliances 6%
Symphony, Kenstar, Bajaj, Crompton air coolers 6%
Others or Miscellaneous 10%

Note: (*) Mobile price can be vary from device to device. Newly launched mobile will have either 1% commission rate or 0% commission rate.

Important Terms That You Need To Know

  • Never purchase with your own affiliate link
  • Brand bidding is strictly prohibited so never do that
  • Don’t add amazon affiliate link on restricted or adult sites

Best Ways to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Below, i have listed numerous number of ways to increase your amazon affiliate earnings. These methods are adopted as per my personal experience with affiliate marketing. So keep reading it carefully.

Make a Coupon Website or Technology Blog

Believe it or not, coupon website can boost your income by 1100%. The reason is quite simple because people daily search of coupon code and thus it brings high organic traffic to your website. So you just have to list all the best offer from amazon like i do on my amazon coupons post. Give your users best products which have amazon affiliate links. This kind of relevant content helps your visitors to get best offers on products and you get the commission without annoying them.

Secondly, a blog does the same for you if you have a high traffic technology blog. You have to add a buy now link on your post. For example, if you are reviewing a camera on your blog post then you can list 5-6 similar camera product’s links from amazon with the same price range. These links can definitely help you to make maximum money. Even if you have an education blog, you can recommend your user’s with best selling books on amazon.

Use Your Social Fan Page

If you have a google plus, facebook or twitter fanpage with high numbers of follower, then you can post relevant products updates for your fans. I will suggest you to put valuable information on your post rather then just throwing an amazon affiliate link.

Take Benefit of Amazon Great Indian Sale

Your revenue is likely to be increase during amazon great Indian sale period. Not only you will get more sale these days but also receive special commission rate. So never miss your chance to promote amazon products on the sale period. As mentioned in the below screenshot, you can check that my earnings was increased during 20th, 21st and 22nd of January because of Amazon great Indian Sale.

Amazon Earning Reports

As you know that i am also a advertiser on amazon so here is the the monthly report of last month i.e January 2017. You can also check your monthly earnings on your associates dashboard.

You can check also check the real-time earning report everyday on your dashboard. However, you can only see the product sale price the actual advertising commission can only be seen around 1:10 AM midnight everyday. You will see the earnings of only those products that are already shipped.

What is the Payment Procedure?

You will be paid after 45 days and at the end of every month. For example, the payments of January 2017 month will be paid at the last days of March 2017. This is due to the amazon 30 days return policy on products. If someone buys a product using your link then amazon will wait for first 30 days if the product is returned back or not. If returned then you will receive no commission and if not returned then it almost take 15 to 30 days to process that payments n your bank account.

The Payment mode will only be EFT (electronic fund transfer) in India. You will also receive additional email regarding the processing of payment on your registered email ID.

How to Check My Payments History?

As i have attached an screenshot of my earnings. You can clearly see that i started of with a very little amount but after that i have increased it so much.

amazon affiliate payment history

Is there Any Additional Deduction?

Yes, there will be a deduction of 10% on your total advertising fee per month. This is mandatory guideline regulated by Income TAX department for all Indian citizen. For example, if your total earnings of a certain month is rs.60,000 then probably you will receive rs.54,000 on your bank. Beside this, there is no deduction whatsoever.

24X7 Customer Support

If you have any doubt regarding your account, then you can visit this link directly to ask your questions before making any decision. This may also avoid banning of your affiliate account.

So guys, Please let me know if you have any question regarding the article. I would love to answer you guys.

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